I’ve thought long and hard about what I should put on the home page of my website here and the truth is, I don’t know what to put here right now :)

I’m scheduled for a spinal fusion surgery this July 22 and am focusing on healing my back right now.

The last nearly 2 years, I feel I have truly lived my life – or at least begun the process of truly living. After my surgery, I don’t know what is going to happen, except that I hope to make a full recovery.

I’m working on healing naturally. I’ve learned that I keep quite a bit of my stress and feeling under wraps to keep the peace and it isn’t helping my body. I’m working at this.

I think life is this crazy ride we’re all on and doing the best we can with. It’s fun, challenging, and a bit chaotic at times. This is my journey and the life I’m living. Thanks for joining along for the ride.

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  1. I am enjoying to read about what you have learning and sharing,can you add me on Skype as lin Jefferson, thanks Jeremy.

  2. Everything you say is true about twin flames . I would think it’s crazy if I read any articles before it happened to me . I met mine when he was separated from his wife , but he is currently working out , I know he isn’t happy . We go back and forth . I’m not going to chase him . I’m working on me and being happy .

    1. @Amy everett

      Good, work on yourself, don’t chase, and realize it’s an awesome life-changing experience. Accept it for what it is.

      Then, follow the steps I outline in my article on it. You’ll come out on the other side the most amazing person :) Just to recap, the steps are:

      * Stop ALL contact with the other person. This means deleting them from Facebook, your email, your phone, EVERYTHING. You cannot make progress if you are dwelling on them.

      * Begin to spend time alone to feel your emotions. Cry your eyes out for as long as you need to. Start to work out again if you haven’t been. Get your body in the best shape of your life.

      * Eat healthy foods if you haven’t been. Avocados, watermelon, and other fruits, vegetables, and life giving foods.

      * Begin to read books that interest you. Take on old hobbies that you may have neglected due to this other person. Find something bigger than yourself to do for your life.

      * Focus on your own self love and self improvement. You must become so strong from within that you don’t ever need this person in your life again. This will also help with future interactions with others.

      * You’ll likely never forget this other person. They may even reach out again. If you feel ready to talk again, talk, but don’t ever settle and allow someone to be in your life who isn’t happily enthusiastic about what is going on for you. If at any time they disconnect, flake, or become uncertain, go back to no contact with them.

      1. Hi Jeremy: This is helping me right now, thank you. After getting dumped and no contact for 4 months and me doing lots of internal work, I get an email at Xmas saying he is “thinking about me”and hoping I’ll drop in to see his house of lights, whatever….spiral into despair. Pathetic. I send a kind, polite but clear message that I am no “friend with benefits”. Then 2 weeks later, I send another email saying I’ll be driving by next week and would like to see him. Nothing. Argh!!!!!!!!!Hurting. Gave up my power too but that’s only ego, right? Mau

        1. @Mau – Hey – your energy and attitude here need some work along with you keeping your word to yourself. If you don’t want what he’s giving you, don’t text him saying you want to see him. This is in-congruent. That kind of behavior is poisonous. Sounds like you learned a few things, but then your energy went bad. Feel what you need to, but don’t use my comments to vent your frustration. Instead, focus on you and becoming better and channeling your energy in better pursuits while having integrity with yourself and your standards.

          You should never give someone 2 seconds who plays around with you like that and that includes the giving of your thoughts. Now go hit the gym, read, and have a good time.

      2. Hi I stumbled upon your TF article and thank you very much for sharing your story. I recently told my family about the whole situation and they were shocked. I can’t even say this person’s anymore without physically getting ill. He just got married…ugh. The whole thing makes me sick to my stomach. I had my sister create a fake IG when she reports shit to me. That MF is acting like Tom Cruise on Oprah. It’s disgusting…and very atypical. I wish this never happened to me. He’s from a super rich family in Nigeria l, while my family (Nigerian also) is barely middle class. In Nigeria, rich people marry other rich people. I was feeling better but the IG thing freaked me out big time. My sister was like he put EVERYTHING on IG…how they met, proposal (barf). He claims that she’s the best thing since slice bread. I’m working with a professional to recover. I’m also working to get in better shape again. Idk how the runners are able to live “normally.” It’s crazy and maddening! I’d like to email you to discuss as your site is a good resource.

        1. @Naijagirl – Hey. Focus on your language. When you can speak about it from a place of peace and love, you’ll know your test is complete. Focus on you and your growth, not on what you don’t like about the situation. Light and love to you.

          1. Thank you! I just feel so angry and hurt. I never asked for this. I want nothing but the best for him…but I can’t help but wonder why me? The last thing wanted is to feel like this…

  3. Hi There, stumbled upon your page while looking for content for encouraging others at work. Your site has intrigued me. I’ve bookmarked it for later reading. :)

    Cheers, have a wonderful evening/day!

  4. Hi Jeremy,
    I loved your post on your TF experience. It’s good for me to see your perspective as the chaser. Being a runner is just as terrible in my experience. Being a wounded soul is a hard recovery.

    I wish you all the best in your journey.

    Be well

    1. @Jen – Thank you for your thoughtful reply :) Yes, this about sums up my experience as the chaser. I think it’s the most growth oriented place to be in the dynamic and if you use it as a way to become a stronger version of yourself, you’ll be forever changed in a positive way.

      I wish I had more feedback from runners. Are you a runner? If so, what is that like?

      1. I am the “runner”. There is so much fear. We know what we are-have known for close to 9 years. He feels with compassion, kindness and much patience things will work out. If you have specific questions, you are welcome to email me. Your TF post was sincere and open-That’s a beautiful thing.

        I love that your kid(s) post to you. :)

        Be well,

        1. @Jen – Thanks for responding. Wow, a runner wanting to talk. This is really great news. I am going to email you and let’s talk. And yes, my kids look at my website every so often and post to me – it’s very cute :)

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