jer8I’m Jeremy J. and this website of mine has been around for quite a while now. I’m a manager, leader, and student of life (who happens to LOVE basketball). I’m sharing my life journey for you, won’t you join me along?

It all started when I broke my back “back” in 2009 and eventually underwent surgery to repair a ruptured disc in my spine. I was laying in bed and had a laptop computer and the idea for this website was born. Funny how things circle back sometimes in life. I had a second back surgery, a spinal fusion surgery, on July 22, 2016 on the same vertebrae and disc (L5-S1) that first gave me problems back in 2009.

I believe everyone should share a blog and write about their experiences and insights they have through their own life. Each of us has something to teach one another. Each person just wants to be seen and heard for who they are in life. That’s what I’ve realized. When you see and hear other people, leadership and inspiration are just about effortless.

I live in Utah with 3 of my cats at the moment and am a single dad of two wonderful girls. Life is what you make it (and it is very good).

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