Back in the year 2000, I talked to my wife about an idea I had for a book. In it a young boy would travel to a new world and battle goblins, orcs, and save the world. Kind of like Lord of the Rings meets Harry Potter. My wife made a book cover and I wrote about 10 pages. Then the dust gathered…

The years piled up until around 2008. I said to myself, “You know, I probably should write that book.” I then thought about it more. “Probably” and “Should” really mean “NO”. In early 2008, I began a shift about myself and my own identity and it gave me the fuel to revisit the book I wanted to write. This identity shift came as a result of realizing I was wasting my life away by consuming more things than I was creating.

To Find A Name

I remember sitting in my cubicle at work a few years back. I wasn’t actively trying to find an official name for this book. I was starting to write more of it, and getting ideas of what I wanted to happen. I was doing some programming when out of the blue, a name floated in my head. “Eglathia” was the name. I have no idea why it came out of the blue at work. But I knew I liked it. Right then and there at work, I registered the domain name and knew that would be the title for the book.

To Finish the Book

Over the last couple years I’ve labored long hours writing Eglathia. It’s turned out quite differently than a young boy who saves a world from goblins and orcs (thankfully). Part of that was having an awesome sister-in-law who loves fiction/fantasy books and does editing for a living. So yes, luck favors me there.

I’ve realized you can’t ever really finish a book. There’s always going to be errors, inconsistencies, areas to improve, etc… But you have to call it good at some point. This month, I finally put the plug in and decided to release the book. It’s in Amazon Kindle E-Reader format. The nice thing is I can still make updates if there are glaring mistakes and re-upload it. Kind of like patching a piece of software :)

It’s Available Now!

I was thrilled when Amazon emailed me and said my book had been accepted. It was as simple as doing some formatting, having my wife do a book cover, and using the Amazon Kindle Publisher site to submit the book. This is my first novel, I’m not bashful about saying that. There will probably be some rookie mistakes in it still and perhaps a few errors.

But I can say that I’ve done my very best to tell a great story. I’d be honored if you’d read the sample chapters at least on Amazon.

You can see Eglathia now here.

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7 thoughts on “Eglathia

  1. Congratulations! Best of luck for ur new book!
    wanted to thank you for ur wonderful motivating posts,
    i was searching for concentration tips through the net while i found ur video! as a MA student -who is frustrated of not being able to finish her THESIS just becoz of lack of confidence and concetration- I have to say it was so helpful reading your blog and website…have to head to my bed right on time tonight and start a proactive day tomorrow! :) Warm wishes for you and ur lovely family!

    1. Saba – great to hear that you got use out of what I’ve written. Concentration can be difficult at times – sometimes it’s our own sheer effort that carries us through :)

      Keep up your good work!

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