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Get It Done

Part of unlocking your true potential lies in your ability to finish what you start. It does no good to make half-assed attempts on projects and then leave them hanging out to dry. This is a free series where I’ll share how I get work done on multiple projects quickly and efficiently and then FINISH them.

I’ve completed the following projects over the past couple years:

  • – a life coaching website and blog.
  • – my personal weblog for unlocking your true potential.
  • P90XFamily – a journey of my wife and I completing P90X.
  • Eglathia – my first novel (a fiction/fantasy novel). It’s over 300 pages.
  • Math Asteroids – a math learning game in space for Windows, Windows Phone, and XBox.
  • YouReview.Net – a website dedicated to allowing reviewers to place their own affiliate and advertising links.

I’ve done all this with a FULL TIME JOB and a FAMILY WITH TWO KIDS. It’s possible to complete your projects – it really is. As you complete each one, you’ll enjoy your progress. It’s all about progress. Completing any project is a success, regardless of whether you earn any money or not.

These lessons are designed to take you from a frantic state of being overwhelmed with your projects, to grabbing them and taking complete control of them. I’m of the belief that you can finish multiple projects. You don’t have to just stick to one. In fact, working on multiple projects increases your skills in many areas and gives you a better chance of achieving a major success. Click a lesson to get started!

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  1. Yay! I’m looking forward to this e-course, Jeremy! This one is calling my name for sure :) I’m confident this is going to be extremely helpful.

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