Lesson 3: Use a Simple Tool To Organize Your Top Priorities

This is the third lesson in the Get It Done Now Series.

In order to complete projects, it’s essential to know exactly what should be done. To do this, there’s a simple and free tool called Trello. It’s made by a very competent software company. I’ve created a video that shows how easy it is to use.

Video Tutorial

Create a Most Important Board

Create a Most Important Trello board. This will tell you what is most important in your projects. Use this as the place to add whatever needs to get done in a week.

To Do, Doing, Done

To Do is stuff you must get done this week. Doing is ONE TASK that you will finish today. Done is stuff you’ve finished for the week.

Use One Week And 7-10 Priorities

Each task should take you an hour or less to complete. 7 to 10 a week ensures you won’t get overwhelmed. With the most important tasks getting worked on, you should have no trouble making progress on multiple projects. We’ll talk more in-depth about this in the next lesson.

Clearing Out Your Done Work

At the end of each week, archive away your Done work. This will make sure your board remains fresh and uncluttered. If you find yourself finishing all your tasks early, by all means, load up on more.


Trello is a very simple and free project tracker. It will help you organize your top priorities in seconds. Use it to keep yourself on track with what is most important.

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3 thoughts on “Lesson 3: Use a Simple Tool To Organize Your Top Priorities

  1. I like the reminder to focus on one week at a time and to shoot for two tasks a day. I often try to write down everything I need to do for the month, and you’re right: half of it does fall through the cracks.

    I notice that there is a Trello app for phones, which I think will work for me better since I am not always in front of a computer screen to update this. I’ll give it a spin for a few weeks. Thanks for the heads up and the tutorial!

    1. Trello is great and helps a lot with keeping things simple. I think using it on the mobile phone is a great idea since we tend to carry our phones around with us and whenever there’s down time, we can look at them.

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