Lesson 7: Improve Your Craft

This is the seventh lesson in the Get It Done Now Series.

This is it, the final lesson in the Get It Done Now Series. Improving your craft is no big secret. Stephen Covey calls it “Sharpening the Saw.” Regardless, it’s the same concept of a car with rust. Without improving your craft, you’ll become like a rusty car and become inefficient and slow in your work. Take a look at those who have not kept up in the technology field, for instance. If you have not upgraded your skills in 10 years, you’d miss out on the mobile opportunity and many of the new ways to develop for the web, like WordPress.

Get Around People

One of the ways I recently learned to improve my craft is to get around people. I recently spent time in Las Vegas for a 3 day work shop. The number one thing I took away was to get around people. I’m looking to increase financial abundance and money flows through people. In my quest to improve my finances, I’ve learned a valuable piece of knowledge. This means I’m going to increase my social interaction.

If there is a convention or gathering that is in the field you are working in, you’ll get a great deal of energy from going. From just 3 days in Las Vegas, I felt my desire and motivation increase immensely. This has carried over as I am home now. In addition to the social strength, I learned tools and techniques from an expert to help me in my pursuit of excellence both in my day job and in my own projects. It was well worth the cost (about $1,500 in all).

Use What You Already Have

You’ve probably learned skills that are second nature to you. For instance, as a web developer, I have skills in creating web pages. I use this daily at my job, so I don’t even realize that I’m keeping my skills sharp. Were I to not do this for a long period of time, I’d lose touch on the ease of making web pages. Because it’s all second nature right now, I can do it fast and effortlessly. This is extremely valuable for me in the marketplace.

What are your primary skills? Are you using them regularly (daily)?

Practice in Something New

In order to improve your craft find things you’ve never done before. As a web developer, I’ll take a new technology and try to make it work on a page. Whether this is a special slide show, or doing something fancy with the user interface. Because I’ve not done it before, it takes a bit of trial and error to get it right. But once done, it’s like adding an arrow to your quiver – you have another skill with which to add value with your craft.


Getting around people is a tremendous boost to continuing to improve your craft – particularly if they are involved in your trade. In addition to getting around people, practice regularly what you already know. It’s like muscle – use it or lose it. Finally, like lifting weights that push your muscles harder, learning new skills for your craft will add more options for you, increasing your value to the marketplace.

What did you think of the Getting It Done Now Series? These 7 lessons were a simple look at a way to get things done and improve your skills. My hope is you’ll be able to take these lessons and start applying them in your life!

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  1. I am learning all the time from bright, successful people. I learn from the unsuccessful ones too. I learn from my children, students, andd just about everyone else. More importantly, I practice what I learn to make myself more effective. Whether I was in charge or better yet when I am not, I am pretty good at getting things done through people.

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