You Are the White Knight

White Knight

For the longest time, I’ve wanted somebody to come along and say, “Jeremy, I’ve seen what you are doing and you’ve got a lot of potential. Let me take you under my wing and show you how you’re going to become a billionaire and really make your mark on this world.” I sure would like it if a prominent billionaire contacted me and said that…

It Ain’t Happening

I hate to burst my own bubble, but… it’s not going to happen. But I really want it to. I hold on to this feeling that it’s going to happen. But it’s not. Not this year, not next year, and certainly not today. How do I know this?

Because in the past 33 years of my life it hasn’t happened. The past is a pretty good indicator of the future. Has the “white knight” come and saved you in your lifetime? If so, I congratulate you for your ability to attract white knights!

But for me, I had to do some real soul searching. Wishing for this “mystery person” to come along and solve my problems and help me achieve my destiny is wishful thinking. Think about it. Is the top priority of a major player in business and success sitting around with a to-do list and their top priority being: “Find that person at a day-job and take them under your wing full time”? Probably not… but there is good news.

You Are the White Knight

The good news is you are the white knight that will come to your rescue. You have a body with a brain just like anyone else, whether they are in poverty or the owner of an ocean liner. When I look at what I’m trying to do I say to myself, “who is going to figure this out?” The answer is always me. Sure I can read websites, book, and listen to audio files. But in the end, the action to take is mine, and mine alone.

As the white knight who will come to your rescue, it is your responsibility to:

  • Learn internet marketing.
  • Learn how to connect with people.
  • Learn what your passion is.
  • Learn your target market.
  • Learn what you day job managers and executives are looking for.
  • Talk and connect with people.
  • Wake up and exercise.
  • Not eat until you are stuffed.
  • Make it happen.

Picture yourself on a horse wearing white shiny armor. In your arm, you have a golden lance. Now ride the horse off into the distance. It’s up to you and nobody else. I know – I’ve contacted prominent business people and upper level executives (even at my day job). They certainly listen, but beyond that, there’s just not much else for them to do. I must lead the charge. I must be the change I wish to see. I must champion the cause. If I don’t, someone else will recruit me to their cause and I’m not interested in that…

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