Appreciate It All

Today, I feel appreciation, curiosity, and wonder at this world and the people in it. There’s so much that I don’t know or understand that I really feel like a fish out of water trying to find its way home.

I appreciate the pain I feel in my lower back and the reminder of it to me to take care of my lower back and always use my inversion table and exercises to keep it strong.

I am thankful for my kidney stone which required surgery a couple years ago. I’m thankful I now have the knowledge of the importance of drinking water both for health and helping to prevent future kidney stones.

I’m thankful for a (so far) stable full-time job that pays well with benefits. It helps me take care of my family and we even have a little extra to do some fun/nice things.

I appreciate the different perspectives people have. I am in awe and wonder that two people can have different view points about the same thing, such as climate change, guns, or politics.

I appreciate that I am imperfect and make mistakes and just plain mess up. I say and do things that don’t resonate with other people and often don’t think before I act/speak. I feel thanks that I can at least know and understand this and communicate it with others in an effort to create stronger bonds and understanding.

I love life and the challenge of surviving and even thriving. I love the challenge of trying to earn a fortune greater than what my parents had and to become more and do more for my family than they were able to do. They did a lot for me, so this is by no means a small undertaking.

I feel thanks for good health and a sound mind. I’m able to think and decide for myself what to do in my life. I’m by no means free of pain and ailments, but they are very manageable.

I’m in awe and wonder that someone from India can contact me and ask for guidance and support. I’m even more amazed that I can communicate with words something that is beneficial to them and turns their life around. Technology truly is a blessing when used in a way to serve others.

I marvel at the vigorous debates our politicians have in the United States. I’m further intrigued by the debates individuals have both in offline and online settings. I respect the passion and view points of all people.

Today I appreciate it all – the good and bad, the conflict and harmony, the knowledge and confusion, the happiness and sadness. It all makes up this existence we have as humans. To appreciate it all while continually seeking growth and learning has proved to be one of life’s greatest treasure’s in my life.

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2 thoughts on “Appreciate It All

  1. Appreciating the good AND the bad is hard to do. Believe me I know. But those who truly understand the nature of things are grateful for it all because in the end we are the ones who not only see the bigger picture, but help make it happen :)

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