Committing to Little Things to Get to Big Things

Last time I wrote about being paralyzed by choice. With so much to do, how does one decide where to go next? Well, I’ve decided I am going to take the do nothing approach. I don’t mean I’m going to sit on my hands and wish for something. I do mean I’m not going to get rid of anything, nor am I going to pick one and go for it. Instead, I’m going to take a simpler approach.

Micro-Tasking to Success

Instead, I’m going to do small things in areas I think are fun and interesting. The way I’m going to tackle this is commit to doing a few little things for one week. This can be doing videos, writing articles, writing books, or whatever I decide that is in line with my ideas.  The goal for doing this is to not commit myself to potentially years of work and find out down the road I don’t like it. This is “getting my feet wet.”

This week, I’m going to focus on doing videos on my YouTube channel for drjerm. Drjerm is one of my niche websites. It’s purpose is to help people who are struggling in life and after some direction. The site is a few years old now and I’ve created about 11 videos on its YouTube channel. I have 66 subscribers, so I already have something to work with. Each morning, I will pick a topic and discuss it in the camera. After this week, I’ll find out if I’m interested in continuing to do videos or even write articles for it. I may even find that I really like doing it and wonder why I ever stopped.

Start Small

Committing to Little Things to Get to Big Things is an approach I haven’t done before. In the past, I’d have this grand idea of how I’d conquer the world and meet celebrities. The link to that article is one I wrote in March, 2010. In it, I sound pretty sure of myself how I’m going to create all these marvelous things, including getting a publisher and meeting Tony Horton (fitness trainer). I think it’s all well and good to get excited. However, I quickly lost steam with my big dreams and came crashing down to earth pretty hard.

It’s hard to focus on huge goals. Not that they’re not good. I know I want to achieve a lot. But I am making a conscious choice now to focus on the small steps to get there. This weeks it will be making videos for my niche website, Next week, who knows? The advantage of starting small and doing it for only a week or two, I’ll know if I want to continue doing it. If I don’t like it, I can just quit and move on to something else.

Staying Consistent

I’m going to keep doing my mobile games with my twin brother and writing my book and on this website when I’m inspired. Next week, I’ll be happy to report my progress in doing small things as opposed to trying to do to much at once. My hope is that we’ll accomplish together the simple things. Whatever we decide, let’s take one small thing and do it every day for a week (two if you’re feeling good about it).


Committing to little things to get to big things is a micro-tasking approach. The goal is to not feel overwhelmed by huge goals and aspirations. In addition to that, by keeping it simple and small, there’s more of a chance of completing it. This will give us a good idea if we want to continue doing what we decided or not. Remember, small and simple tasks for a short period of time :)

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