The Complexity of Staying Alive

As I continue on my journey trying to reclaim my health, I’m experiencing the challenge of simply existing – that is to wake up, walk around, eat, drink, go to work, come home, and go back to bed. These are very basic parts of life and yet right now, those simple tasks and staying alive each day are incredibly difficult.

I’m doing a major detox right now with many natural supplements (like Vitamin D), green salads with cucumbers and red/green leaf salad, taking a nutritional shake, and trying to get as healthy food as possible into my body. Right now, eating is difficult unless I take an anti-nausea medication.

I’ve realized the importance of sleep and getting enough food. This morning while I was being looked at at my doctor’s office, my blood pressure was exceptionally high: 150/102. I hardly slept last night and have felt nauseous, being unable to keep food down. Finally, after coming back home, I forced myself to eat, drink, and had about an hour of the most intense pressure in my body while I digested that food…

I should get the results back this week of my upper GI scope and biopsy, but I have a feeling this journey of reclaiming my health has only just begun. My heart is very fatigued right now and that also has to be addressed.

I’m giving it my best and let the chips fall where they may as I do that.

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