Conscious Reflection

One way to be conscious is to take all of your current beliefs and meanings and set them aside, if even for a moment, to examine your life and if it is turning out how you would like. This doesn’t mean giving up the meanings and beliefs you’ve formed over the course of your life – but pay attention for a moment and see if you are reading this and resistant to what I just said. You may be reading this and already think that what I just said is B.S. I challenge you to examine that belief and be willing to examine your life. Be open to the possibility that there is something more or different than what you believe that might be more beneficial for you than the path you are on right now.

I’m doing this right now. Sienna is in bed, and Ellie is being so quiet and focused on painting her pictures. I’m here on my computer with no interruptions. What is the best use of my time right now? I consciously choose that sitting here and sharing my thoughts while my daughter and I sit next to each other working on our projects is the best use of my time. Then I’m going to work on a website. I do both of these because I choose to and think they are the best course of action in this moment.

In addition to this, I’ve realized there are some questions to ask yourself if you are willing to take a moment and consciously reflect about your own life. These questions will help you make better decisions about what to do with yourself and the time available to you.

Am I happy with where I am right now?

What makes me feel the most happy? If I’m not doing that, why not?

What am I afraid to do that I would like to, but feel the risks may not be worth it?

What kind of people make me the most happy?

Am I communicating my intentions for what I want with those around me? If not, what is stopping me?

Are there habits in my life that are preventing me from doing those things which make me most happy?

I think our lives get out of whack when we silently settle for what we know is not a life we truly want. Silent suffering represses who we are. I’ll admit, that I am silently repressed in some areas. Perhaps I need to do a better job at being assertive and communicative about this. But the first step is recognizing that I need to do better here for my own happiness. Another is to understand that life is a dynamic situation and where I don’t have complete control over everything. Being humble enough to accept this while working on what I can control is one aspect to having a good life.

Lastly, I understand that the level of influence I have with whoever is reading this will make a big difference in what value is created. For instance, some saw this article and probably never read past the title. And yet others may have skimmed over it not really feeling or getting anything from it. Others may have read it and wondered what is wrong with me. But the people who I am really reaching out to with this article are those who are asking questions about their own life. Those who are willing to question all their assumptions and see what more to life there is than what they have currently experienced. I realize I can’t influence everyone. Maybe not even a large number. But there are those I believe get value from my thoughts and ideas – even if it’s just a small few. And that is something worth writing and sharing my thoughts and ideas for.

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3 thoughts on “Conscious Reflection

  1. I think people see self awareness as a threat to themselves and so they avoid it. But self awareness is a beautiful thing, even if it’s not easy. Even if you don’t know the answers to the questions you ask yourself. Even if you’re not ready to let go of or change your beliefs.

    Thanks for sharing, Jeremy!

  2. Thanks Val for your thoughts. It is true that self awareness can be threatening, especially if it challenges your current belief structure. I’m glad you are someone who is like minded in that you would rather examine your own self awareness as opposed to being blissfully ignorant.

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