Continuing To Understand My Body

It’s been a few days of detoxing and I don’t think I have scratched the surface yet. I bought a program of detoxing including a bunch of herbal supplements and I’m going to start it Sunday morning. It includes a 70% veggie, 20% lean met (fish/chicken), and 10% other (rice/lentels, etc…) which will further clean my system out. I’ll continue to log what I eat.

I’ve got a lot to heal from… And it’s going to be much harder to keep my body in tip top shape after all it has been through, including my spinal fusion. I may have a neck surgery coming too, and so I must get my eating and diet, along with my mental state, in tip top shape.

I also went to a gastroenterologist and had an upper GI tract scope and biopsy done. There’s some inflammation, small hernias, and irritation of my small intestine. This explains a lot of my discomfort in my abdominal region. I’m hoping that my diet changes will help combat this, but there’s also a chance I will need an antibiotic if I’ve got an H Pylori infection. I will get the results back probably next week.

Lastly, I’m hoping my fatigue is due to my digestion problems. My heart will beat really fast if I take even a couple flights of stairs. I’m having to pace myself as I walk and in everything I do. Every movement is precious.

Still, I’ve got two amazing daughters and I see their pictures on my monitor at work every day. Every time it gets hard, I look at their pictures and smile. They help give me the strength to carry on. I sure love them :)

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