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Help with website? You’ve built a website and had it for a while now. You’re not making much money, if any, from it. Not many are finding it in the search engines and you’re stuck on what you should do to make it better. To you I say, hello, and welcome to the club!

Can We Agree On Something?

Can we agree that we are frustrated? We want more site visitors. We want more revenue from our websites. Can we agree that this is not happening?

What do we do about it? I think we need to unite first and just recognize that we’re frustrated. It’s like joining an anonymous circle for alcohol addicts. We just have to unite and say, “We need help with our websites and we’re frustrated.”

Fitting In as a Frustrated Website Owner

The good news is that most people are struggling with their websites. I’m sure 80% of us or more are making less than 5 dollars a day from our websites. There’s nothing better than having someone to talk to where you have something in common together. We can take solace in knowing we have others going through the same thing we are.

If we start to succeed and get thousands of visitors a day, we won’t have as many people who relate to us. Let’s face it, it’s lonely at the top. As a frustrated person who needs help with website, we’ve got a very large group of people to relate to and receive empathy from. There’s nothing better than uniting as a people and drawing strength (or pity) from each other.

Moving Beyond Help With Website and Frustration

I think the fact that we have a large group of us struggling with our websites means we have a brotherhood (or sisterhood or both) going on. I’m not sure I want to give that up. Is there much worse than someone not knowing what you’re going through because you’re too successful? By staying frustrated and making less than 5 dollars a day, we have shoulders to lean on and other souls to get empathy from.

But what if we decide we want to get our wings and leave the nest of frustrated website owners? What if someday we want to have a successful website? Is it worth leaving our safe crowd to journey into that unexplored territory?

If you’re crazy enough to think that way, there’s a few things we need to decide and commit to. These are the tools and supplies that will allow us to leave the nest of being frustrated with websites and not making any money. We all know the tools are there. But it’s scary to take them and leave. I mean, I really like having lots of company as a frustrated website owner.

1. Turn Frustration Into Fascination

Imagine you’re driving on the freeway to the airport. Your plane leaves in 45 minutes. All of a sudden, traffic comes to a complete stop. You are now… fascinated!

What will happen next? Will you miss your flight? Will you get to the airport and not know what you’re going to do to catch your next flight? Who will you meet to try and solve this problem? What adventure will you undertake to figure it out?

Now on your website, imagine this. You’ve been working on your websites for 4 years now. You haven’t put daily effort into them, but you’ve worked somewhat hard to make them good. You’ve made a few niche websites and some Google videos. You make a few dollars a day. After many hundreds of hours, you are now… fascinated!

Isn’t that fascinating? To work on your websites for years and still not see more than a few dollars a day from them? I find that fascinating. How come some people make it big in only a few months?

Why isn’t our revenue hundreds of dollars yet? But wait, in a few years, could it be 10 dollars, and then a few years after that 50 dollars, and a few years after that, 100 dollars? What adventure’s and skills would I need to go on and learn in order to get there? Who will I meet? What crazy things will I learn? What trouble will I get into? Isn’t that fascinating to think about?

It doesn’t work every time, turning frustration into fascination. But I agree that taking frustration and twisting it into fascination just might give a fresh perspective and help push past some of the barriers that have been blockers before.

2. Stop Begging

As a frustrated website owner, I want to get a hold of Lisa Irby or Darren Rowse and say, “Help me. I can’t get any traffic and my websites suck.” I mean, shouldn’t they just drop everything and coddle to my every whim and desire?

Are you doing the same for others? Do you drop everything to help every person who asks for your help and advice? If you are, how much free time do you really have? As united and frustrated website owners, we give ourselves a bad rap by begging others on their Facebook and Google Plus pages to help us with a 1 on 1 discussion or to give advice out of the blue.

If we’re going to be united as frustrated website owners, let’s voice why we’re frustrated. Did Google shut us down? Why did they do it? Is our search engine traffic all of a sudden cut in half? Did the Google Panda eat us several times over? Let’s voice frustration over that. Then let’s talk about how fascinated we are that a Panda could eat up half our website traffic without working up a sweat.

I think if we stop begging and become more fascinated and understand what we’re frustrated about and are open and honest, we’ll get a better reception from the successful moma (and poppa) birds whose websites are successful.

3. Help Other Humans

Let’s face it, there’s a legion of us who are frustrated with our websites. This is a lot of man (and woman) power. This is the kind of power the pyramids were built with.


Now I’m not saying we all need to go do manual labor together and build some pyramids. But I am saying we have a tremendous amount of untapped potential and energy we could put to use together. Remember, we’re supposed to be united in our frustration. If we can’t be united, what hope do we really have?

Let’s start talking more with each other. Remember the TV show, HEROES? All these superheroes were living in society unaware that there were others like them. But then they began to become aware of each other. And that’s when the real fun begins.

As a force of frustrated website owners, we can help each other. If there’s one thing I’ve seen from the successful website owners, it’s their ability to bring people together and help them. The more of this we do for each other, then logically, the more we should start to be more successful. But I agree, it’s scary because we might be too successful and not have anymore of our frustrated comrades to support us…

The #1 way to help each other is to selflessly promote each other…

4. Work Harder

How much time have you spent working on your websites in the last 30 days? Come on, be honest about it. Have you been eating popcorn on the couch watching reruns of Desperate Housewives? Remember, it’s OK if you are. We’re in this together as a united family.

But for those of us who are ready to take flight and leave the nest, we’re going to have to do better than that. Two hours a month is not going to do it. If anyone could do that, you’d know plenty of close friends with successful websites rolling in cash. I don’t know about you, but I don’t see that. This tells me hard work is prerequisite. Two hours a day minimum!


We need help with websites. As frustrated website owners, let’s unite and declare this truth. If we want to stay with our family of frustrated brothers and sisters, that’s completely fine. But then, one day, if we decide to get our wings and have a successful website, let’s do what it takes to get there. In the mean time, let’s stay united in our frustration.

What is most frustrating to you about building your website? Are you making more than 5 dollars a day? Do you feel united with other frustrated website owners?

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  1. I find a plan to change things works for me. Start with the outcome and work backwards. When I was frustrated, I took action and contacted other bloggers who do advertising. Outsource to the people who do it. It works very well!

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