If It Is To Be, It Is Up To Me (Part 5) – Progress!

Well hey! It’s certainly been a wild ride on this journey of getting my health back. For 8 months, I’ve been for all intensive purposes, dead. Laying in bed, having a hard time moving, and not doing much at all. However, with my changes in eating, focusing on meditation and being mindful of my thoughts, along with really giving it my all and pushing myself a little, I am making progress.

Today, I played basketball at the gym – just shot around by myself, but did it for about 20 minutes. Before that, I lifted weights! They weren’t heavy, but I did a whole body weight workout that included pull ups! Granted, I can’t do that many pull ups right now, but I felt like a normal human being again, like my old self.

My favorite foods right now are:

  • Pumpkin seeds – they have no sugar, taste good, and have a lot of nutrients.
  • Greens – Kale, Collared Greens, Green Onions, Celery, Cilantro. I make salads with these and pumpkin seeds now and I feel alive when I eat them.
  • Organic Oats – I cook these every day and put a little pure maple syrup on them. It’s good!
  • Bone Broth – I have tons of bone broth that I drink regularly.
  • Sweet Potatoes – I love sweet potatoes and so do my daughters. I can’t eat too many though as they have sugar.
  • Brown Rice – I love making brown rice :) It has very little sugar.
  • Nutritional Shake and supplements – I love this shake and drinking it with my supplements.
  • Cocunut Milk – I love this milk and feel good after drinking it. It has no sugar.
  • Avocados – I love these and can eat them all day.
  • Soup with veggies – I put carrots, celery, and other veggies in my fridge in a soup with water and bone broth. Cook for 15 minutes and eat. It doesn’t taste amazing, but it’s good enough :)
  • Cocunut Chips – My favorite snack now. They are only made from potatoes, cocunut oil, and sea salt.

I am learning to love healthy foods and am now learning about nutrition composition in foods, in particular Disaccharides – this is where I have a problem according to my biopsy of my stomach and small intestine. The 3 main ones are lactose, sucrose, and maltose. So I look at every food’s nutrition composition now before eating it.

The biggest change is cutting out all dairy and soy. The only wheat I have is in one of my fiber supplements. I imagine as time goes on, I will be moving more toward a vegan diet.

I’m happy right now, still have a ways to go to heal, but am satisfied with the progress I’ve made to this point. Looking forward to continuing this journey of my health.

Here’s a video I did for my YouTube subscribers talking about the progress being made on my health:

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