Inspired By Meeting a New Person

Remember how I was talking about WHY not so long ago? I had something interesting happen to me today that helped me see this in a new perspective. You see, I am approaching 35 years of age this December. I suppose that is mid-life crisis time, right? I digress – I met an 18 year old gal at my place of work today. She’s been doing programming, mobile application development, and web development since she was 12. Her dad encouraged her to study software engineering because it pays well. Smart dad :) This gal requested some help from me for some work she was doing and after talking with her, I am reminded of part of my WHY.

There are people in this world doing wonderful and creative things. Kind people who are smart and capable. I met one of them today, a young gal at a leading Internet company that I work for. I’ve not met too many women who excel as developers and programmers. This one sure did, and she was great with photographs and graphics to boot. When I talked to her, I learned that she sought out the company I work for after spending some time with her grandmother and seeing the website. What a neat story – to proactively ask a company if they need help and fill a position. With her talents and being proactive like this, of course she was hired.

I don’t quite know the mystery of why I met this person and she had this affect on me. She’d been working at the company since May of this year (4 months already). Perhaps it was something I needed to experience – the talent of someone young doing great things with an inspiring story. It makes me think back to the first year of me doing my personal website. I was more inspired then – going off and commenting on other blogs, talking with the Financial Samurai, Sam (who is retired now at age 35 – another inspiring story). Then, like many people, I hit the usual rut and cut back on my activity here. And guess what? I’m ok with that. Because that’s where my life has taken me to this point.

I know that I am re-energized after talking with this gal today. She may not know that she’s helped give me a kick in the rear that I so very much needed. In my heart, I know I am a talented and capable individual. Jim Rohn said it best, “Do what you can. Do the best you can.” I know that my best is not sitting around waiting for good things to happen. I’ve got good ideas. I can inspire and help people. I can create wonderful things to leave behind for this world if I should be unfortunate enough to pass on at some point. The truly wealthy, sophisticated, and influential aren’t spending their time wondering what to do. They are off taking action to do it.

At work, I would normally have gotten discouraged by an event that happened later in the day. You see, I am trying to create a project at work that I think will help make the company more successful. Because it is a public company, I am feeling the desire more and more to be influential enough to affect the stock price. This is a big change from just clocking in and clocking out each day. But as I’m communicating information, I felt one of our higher-ups in our product organization was simply brushing me aside like an annoying gnat, rather than encouraging me because I’m being proactive in trying to do good things. But I did not let it get to me. Because I believe I have great things to do. And I’m not going to let those that are cynical or think I’m not capable of doing them stop me. I do great things because I can!

Thank you to the gal who inspired me today. Your enthusiasm and works of art at such a young age helped me see why I need to kick myself in gear and take better care of my time and what I leave behind. Watch out tomorrow, I’ve got big plans for the corporation. And I’ve got a family that I’m going to lead to the best of my ability. Let’s do this!

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