More Health Realizations

I’m gaining insight about my body as I do this major detox and cleansing. This is my 3rd day now. I’ve taken a truck load of supplements, vitamins, and eaten a TON of vegetables. I still take prescription medication when I need to, though I hope to one day be done with it. Here’s some of my realizations:

  • My blood pressure goes way up after I eat a meal or take a hot shower/bath. By 20 points (from 131/80 to about 152/92 after I ate a big meal tonight, and has lasted a couple hours – still feeling the effect even as I write this article)
  • My blood pressure goes up when I feel pressure to perform in all aspects of life
  • Solid uninterrupted sleep and getting enough food are super important for health
  • Blending the best of modern medicine and the natural world is what I need right now
  • Going on a walk to get some exercise and getting some sun helped my morale

Last night before bed, I took a Lorazapam. It’s a prescription medicine. I took 1 mg – a small dose. It helped me sleep 9 hours straight. I NEEDED that sleep desperately. Right now, when I have nothing in me, I sleep a few hours and wake up at 2:00 AM constantly. I am hoping to get back to a natural sleep of 8 to 9 hours. Getting good sleep is a high priority for me. Here’s a few things I am doing:

  • Lowering the temperature in my condo to 72 degrees farenheit. I’ve read that cooler temperature helps with sleep. I’m testing that theory out
  • Take a prescription medicine if I am feeling particularly jittery or restless
  • Meditate at 9:30 PM and begin to relax and calm my mind
  • Play a little bit of The Witcher 3 from 9:00 PM to 9:30 PM. This helps take me into another world and live through another character. I love doing that
  • While I get ready for bed, give thanks and gratitude for all I have. Send prayers and healing to those who are struggling in life
  • Take a walk outside every day – at work, I walked around for 20 minutes. It felt great to do so

As far as eating goes, I take a prescription med only when I am starting to feel nauseous. If I don’t feel nauseous, I don’t take any medicine and just eat normal meals. I am also prepping my meals the night before and I just take a couple things of Tupperware to work.

I am consuming mostly vegetables right now, and some lean meats. I had some delicious smoked salmon tonight. Damn it was really good! I also had some brown rice and a nutrition shake with supplements (like Vitamins and Fiber). Ultimately, I believe food can give me all the nutrition I need, but I am clearly deficient right now.

This is my current progress on my health. I will report more as time goes on.

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