Paralyzed By Choice

I’ve spent the last couple days wrestling with my next niche website idea. I feel a bit paralyzed, I have to admit. I think I have several good ideas, but I also am writing another book and working on a game development company. Not to mention my full time job and family. Is this where I realize I’ve got too much on my plate?

Cut Everything Out

Let’s explore the options I have. With so much going on in my life, what makes the most sense. First, I know I want to succeed. I want to build a business and support myself outside of my full time job. Of that I have no question. My top values are growth, contribution, achievement, and connection with others (along with that connection, a close knit-family). So what should I do?

Well, there’s the option to cut everything out. I could stop writing here on my personal website. I could stop all work on my mobile games business with my twin brother. I could stop trying to write a second book. I could archive and all other existing niche websites. I could remove all my side projects, except whatever one I decide is next and focus only on that. But I wonder if I’m just making an excuse here. Or is the truth I am paralyzed with choice? I do find when I have many options, I’ll simply opt out of all of them by relaxing, watching YouTube videos, surfing the net, Facebooking, or otherwise just “filling time.” So I have this as an option. Cut everything out and pick one thing…

Keep Everything

I could keep every project I’m working on and not cut anything out. I could continue to try and make progress as a writer, game developer, and niche website creator (as well as writing here on my personal website). That’s certainly an option. If I make progress on something each day, this option isn’t so bad. But as I said above, I have a habit of passing time unproductively when I am paralyzed by choice. Still, this is an option. I can just keep at it as I have been.

Keep, But Prioritize

I could keep all my projects but decide I’m going to do just one thing. The challenge I face is when I’ve decided I am going to focus on one thing in the past, I get this little nagger in my head that says I should pay attention to another project because letting it sit idle will mean a missed opportunity. I’m like a pinball trying to find purpose in this regard, always wanting to have every angle covered so I don’t miss out on something. Unfortunately, this makes me act unpredictably and doesn’t usually produce results that lead to progress.

Do Nothing

I could decide to just do nothing. No cutting projects, no caring about which one I work on at any given time. I could laissez faire my way forward and be free spirited and one with nature as the philosopher Jean Jacque Rousseau would recommend. I’m here to explore and experience life. Why should I give a rats if I have a project I’m working on? I should just work when I feel inspired, right? I actually have decided I will only write when I feel a dose of inspiration. This article is one of those :) So there’s the do nothing option on the table.

Summon Inspiration

I recently went to Steve Pavlina’s conscious success workshop in Las Vegas (January 2012). In it, he talked about one way to take action. And that was the summon inspiration way. Through this action, one simply meditates to God, Alla, the Universe, or does whatever they believe in to tap into their ‘source’. I admit that I haven’t done this, so I’m going to give it a try. Maybe doing this will tell me which option above is best. Maybe doing this will tell me that I need to figure it out myself. But it is one more thing to try.

Final Thoughts

My biggest challenge in facing this is my own fear. There’s also my own limiting belief that luck is the main source of success in life. Lastly, there’s the part of me that wonders if I have the stones to work the hours I need to to really be great at what I do. Either way, I’m going to decide soon on what makes the most sense for me. Maybe something has got to give. Maybe it doesn’t matter. I’m grateful that I have the choice and freedom to explore, that is for sure. But one way or the other, there will be a conscious choice made.

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4 thoughts on “Paralyzed By Choice

  1. I think the best advice I have received this year was from a StartUp assistance type company. They are mentors and help connect you to venture cap etc. The said ” Remember bo matter what you do, the are 20 other people with the same idea. Take off half who wont do anything. Out of those 10 people 5 are giving it 50%. 3 of those people are split up more than that. So 2 people are giving it 100% against you. Who do you think is going to be the most successful? Those tow or you, who has her percentage divided up?

  2. I also wanted to say, I am like you. I have the ability to get things done better,k brighter and faster by others. Multi tasking is an art form I do believe that. But there does come a time when we need to FOCUS. That is the word I didn’t hear you say. In my humble opinion, no I don’t think we have to give everything up. Doing everything get nothing accomplished.Prioritize to me means, giving up somewhere else. IT tells that other thing, you are not as important as this one so I pick him for MY team! Whatever the last thing on the list is, that poor thing is like being last picked for dodge ball. You don’t really wanna play but it would have been nice. Inevitably though, that poor guy rarely and mostly NEVER gets to play. So you might as well just take him off the bench right now. Doing nothing, there are times that we need to be still. Pray, meditate, whatever but allow our thoughts to truly come to us. Allow guidance or inspiration to truly flow. Then the answer to what to do will come. I guess in part that is like Summon Inspiration. But don’t DO Nothing for too long. Idle hands theory at work here. Plus you and I are PRO active people. WE might as well shoot ourselves rather than DO NOTHING. :)

    I don’t know what YOU should do. I can’t tell you. No one can. Only YOU can. I leanred a valuable lesson last year through Brave Girls Club (go check them out they are pretty kewl), Each of us are like Dorothy in the Wiz of Oz. We have the answers in us the whole time. We just need to listen to the truth, not the lies or hubble of the outside forces. Accepting the answer, that truth is the hardest. Most time we fight the truth because of other thing sin the way. Just remember to listen to your heart.

  3. Thanks for sharing your comments Trisha. We are the same in that we are both go-getters and striving to do the best we can. I am very thankful that I have the freedom to explore my own human nature and ask myself these questions.

    Wishing you the best in your endeavors and success all around.

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