Sharing Knowledge With Others Using Niche Websites

I recently purchased a very well thought out book by Lisa Irby on niche websites (I’ll review it at a future date and link it here). After reading through it, I really began to think about the concept of creating niche websites. Why should I make them? Sure, we all want to change the world, but realistically, I think a great reason to make your own website is to share your knowledge with others.

We All Know Something Very Well

A niche website is very simple – it’s a website focused on a very specific topic. If we live to 18, chances are we know at least one thing really well. More than likely, it’s a hobby or interest we’ve just picked up over time. In my case, I can definitely speak to knowing web technology, basketball, and Star Trek pretty darn well. For others, it may be cooking, martial arts, or speed chess.

I like the idea of sharing my knowledge in the hope that it helps others. If I can save someone time, money, headaches, or all of those, that would give me some satisfaction. Plus it just seems right to give back to the world what I’ve learned to this point.

Where I’ve Failed So Far

I make a couple dollars a day across all three of my websites – two of which are the primary earners, and a few YouTube accounts. I created these websites over the last few years as spur of the moment ideas. But I’ve really failed in the planning and strategy area. You can see them here if you’d like:

My wife is really the driver for traffic to the P90XFamily website. She made a grocery list and that generates about 95% of the traffic for it. This website and my drjerm website are pretty vague and nebulous to this point. They don’t target specific problems and solve them. But that’s fine, it is what it is :)

I know this much – if  I just come up with an idea and throw a website out there, chances are, it’s not going to earn much money. This is the facts. I am proof. I felt good about my website while I was doing it. YES! I am going to change the world and solve all its problems. This was naive energy. It, very obviously to me now, doesn’t work this way.

Failing to Plan

My websites and YouTube channels aren’t very well thought out. As such, my websites get a combined daily visitor count of about 500 and I get about 170 views a day across all my YouTube video channels. This is what you can expect if you just throw websites out there, even after several years… My advice, it’s great for practice and learning, but not if you want to see results anytime soon.

Some thought beforehand seems like a logical next step. But I’m a noob when it comes to planning and thinking strategically. So I had to find an expert. Luckily, I’ve been following one for several years now already. I mentioned above that I bought her guide to niche websites. In this regards, I have a template that is well thought out by someone who has succeeded already. This should reduce my chance of failure.

Following the Advice of an Expert

I’m going to try something new this time. I’m going to work on a niche website and actually plan it out before I create a single content page. Gasp! Has it really taken me 4 years to figure this out? In addition to that, it needs to be something I’m really good at. I don’t want it to feel like work. The information needs to just flow out of me.

I also want to track my results and share what happens with you guys. I’m going to first follow Lisa’s plan from her e-book I recently purchased, which involves doing research on what I want to create the site about, and then strategize about how I will create it. Again, this is something I’ve never done, so I’m excited to see what the results are.

I also understand that it will take time. It might take 6 months just to get my first visitor. And that’s fine. My first step is to come up with the site idea and then a plan of how I will make it. When I have that done, I’ll write my next article showing you what I came up with.


In the past, I’ve always created my websites and projects with little planning. It’s all been done on spur of the moment and impulsive thoughts. This has not been a successful approach for me. So I’m going to follow the advice of an expert. I paid a small amount for this advice in the form of an e-book. I’ve read that e-book and now I will come up with a niche website idea and plan. That’s what I’ll write about next.

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