Sight -vs- Vision

Sight: seeing things as they are right now. Vision: seeing things as they will be in the future.

Sight Vision

I’ve been a fan of Eric Thomas for a few years now. He’s a motivational speaker from Detroit Michigan. In listening to him speak tonight from one of his recorded presentations, something stood out to me. He talked about sight -vs- vision. Above, on the left, the city of today sits. On the right, what the city of tomorrow might look like. Which is sight and which is vision?

Why do I personally care about sight and vision? Eric Thomas explained sight as what you see in the present moment. An apple seed, for example. My current bank account balance. My current weight and body fat percentage. How things are going right now. But he said the seed isn’t really a seed. It’s a tree. It may not be a tree right now, but it is going to be a tree. But if we look at our lives as they are right now and that is all we see, we will always stay what we are and have what we have. Sight is what we see right now. Vision is what we see how things will become.

I Don’t Have a Clear Vision. Why?

I don’t have a clear vision right now. I have sight. I’m damn good at sight in the present – seeing things as they are and making informed decisions. I can certainly see things as they are right now and talk about it somewhat intelligently. But for vision… I don’t know what I want to be, do, or create. I certainly have a multitude of things I find interesting and I’ve accumulated some skills in different areas. I like to write, make websites, do mobile applications, do public speaking, study future technology, exercise, defy aging, and more. But for the life of me, I don’t feel a compelling vision in any one area.

And I know vision is crucial for progress, but I don’t have it. And at the moment, I do not know how to get it, so I am writing this article to see if something comes to mind that I can write about to get a vision.

I remember a talk from Darren Hardy, the publisher of Success Magazine. He talked about LOVE and HATE as good places to start for what you might be passionate about enough to stick with for a long period of time. He wrote an article called Pick a Fight. The gist of it is finding an enemy that will challenge your skills, character, and resolve – that forces you to exercise your talents and abilities. I don’t have this foe right now. Interestingly enough, Darren mentions that without a fight, we become fat, lazy, and sedentary – losing purpose, passion, and vigor. I can certainly feel myself moving in that direction and it scares me.

Why did I write so often on my website here when I hurt my back and had surgery back in early 2010? Shouldn’t I have just sat in bed and wallowed in self pity? I think it is because I was in the middle of a fight – a fight to heal my back and get back on my feet. The first year of my website here I had more visitors and people sharing comments. I was also off on other websites sharing my thoughts, which caused more people to come here. I remember the 3rd month of this website writing some bold predictions about what might happen to me in the future. Some are fairly ridiculous and most did not come true… But I still was inspired to look ahead and see what I wanted to be and achieve.

I don’t have much of that vigor and inspiration now as it pertains to my future projects and creations. Is it because I had to fight that first year during back surgery that caused that to happen? At the moment, my website gets about 30 visitors a day (much less than when it started) and one of my good friends Valerie is the lone soul kind enough to share her thoughts. And that’s fine, this is my personal journal, I don’t expect the world to come gravitating toward here with bated breath waiting for my every word :)

I don’t mean to attack this question from a position of uncertainty, weakness, or doubt. But this is how things really are for me. And I don’t consider it good or bad, just that they are this way and I feel I can do more, but am not putting in the effort to do so. Because I have no vision of what I will become. Just that I want to have a happy family and a wife who loves me with kids who are able to have a good life and opportunities. And I feel I am doing that right now – those things are working out. So should I just chill out and say I’ve done it, things are working out, the kids are doing OK, my wife loves me, and all is well? That doesn’t feel right. Even my marriage and family have tons of room to improve.

I May Not Get It Tonight

I may not get the clear vision tonight of what I want to be and where I want to go. But I’m going to ask the question every morning. And do I eventually just need to make a decision? Or have I always had enough in my life that I’m just not hungry enough to go for much more? I don’t know. But finding a fight to pick and getting clear about what I will do are the next steps. I’ve opted out of all my extra-curricular projects – all of them in an effort to get very clear in this area and then when clear, to never look back…

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