Why Am I Trying?

I’ve been asking myself, “Why am I trying?” And I’ve also asked myself, “Why am I not trying as hard as I could be?” I ask myself these two questions because of what I recently learned. And what I learned is that I don’t have a “WHY”. I don’t have a driving force within me that compels me to do what I do. There is no great passion or reason. And because I lack this, I often coast, not giving the best effort that I could. And my social circle is fine with that, so why should I care?

Kevin Durant’s Why

Kevin Durant is a superstar basketball player in the NBA for the Oklahoma City Thunder. His USA Olympic basketball team recently beat Spain in men’s basketball for the Gold Medal in London, England, on August 12, 2012. I learned something interesting about him today. Before every game, he touches the number 35 on the front and the number 35 on the back of his jersey. Here’s why:

Durant wore, and continues to wear, the number 35 jersey in honor of his childhood mentor and Amateur Athletic Union coach, Charles Craig, who was murdered at the age of 35.

Whoa – I had no idea. He plays the game of basketball and before every game he touches his numbers to honor his former mentor who was murdered. What a powerful “WHY”. Can you imagine trying to compete with him on the basketball court when he has a burning inner drive for his murdered mentor? No wonder he is one of the best at the game of basketball.

My Why

I don’t have a compelling why right now – at least not yet. Not like Kevin Durant’s why… I know I want to leave something for my family better than what I had. But I’m not waking up at 5:00 AM juiced up about it. I have to face the facts – I’ve had a tough life at times, but all in all, it has been very comfortable. Perhaps that’s why Darren Hardy suggests we pick a fight with something we truly hate to drive us forward and create a vision.

I’m still searching for my why. I mean a compelling reason why. Not just a casual why to help me get through life, but one that drives me to do and be more than I ever could otherwise.

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