Wrapping Up If It Is To Be, It Is Up To Me

One of the nice things writing my series, about taking charge of my health, has done for me has put me in a frame of mind to live in a way that is healthy and taking me in a direction that will help me heal from what is going on. At this point in time, I’m not completely healed, but I have made a lot of progress since that first article where I really felt like I was dying.

I remember about a month ago… I felt like I was going to die. I walked up a couple of stairs and had to stop. I was very close to calling a paramedic and having them come get me. Instead, I took a few minutes and caught my breath and then finished the stairs.

It’s interesting what goes through your mind when you feel like you are going to die. I immediately thought of my daughters. I thought about making sure I had a living will so they would be taken care of if I die. I thought about everything that had happened to my life up until that point. This was VERY recent.

I’m continuing to learn as I make changes in my life. I’ve learned to love organic foods, salads. I love making organic eggs with cocunut oil, olive oil, and salt and pepper. It’s yummy. I appreciate a good salmon now, also with cocunut oil and olive oil with salt and pepper. I’m learning more about digestion and what some of the problems can be with it.

I’ve improved in many of my symptoms. I still have more work to do and challenges to solve. I still have more undigested food than I would like in my poop. I’m on my second day of taking diatomaceous earth. This substance really helps clean out your colon like a sweeper with a scrubber. It may even help remove unwanted parasites from my insides if I have them. This morning, I did quite a lot of emptying of my colon from poop and the poop looked pretty good – long and S shaped.

I would never have thought I would become a student of poop. It’s amazing what sickness and pain will do to a person though. I’m driven to figure this condition of mine out and it largely seems that I must live a very healthy lifestyle to heal my insides and get over this. I’m NOT INTERESTED in going under any more surgeries…

I’m wrapping up this series of articles because I am now in the habit of preparing my food, eating healthy, and focusing on my health. This past Saturday, I went to play basketball outside! It was sunny, 50 degrees, and I just took off my shirt and played. I loved it! I’ll write more as I continue to learn about my health in the hopes that it might help any who have been struggling. So far, the answer has been discipline, healthy eating, taking supplements, and focusing on gratitude.

Speaking of gratitude, I’ve been focusing on gratitude for my self. I’m grateful to be me. I’m grateful for the talents and gifts I have. I’m grateful for the resolve to fight through and overcome my challenges. I’m grateful for my two amazing daughters. I’m grateful for my condo and cats. I’m grateful that I have the opportunities at work that I do. I’m grateful to be alive and continue to do the best I can to improve myself and contribute to this world.

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