If It Is To Be, It Is Up To Me (Part 3)

Phew, last night was… intense. It’s the most nauseous I’ve felt since starting this journey of detoxing. I’m on day 7 of my detox now and for the next two days will be consuming bone broth, vegetables, and my nutrition shake with supplements. This next week is going to be intense I have a feeling.

I was able to do a light workout with my daughters yesterday and that was great. I was very happy to have the energy to do a few pushups and jog slowly around the condo. That was super fun! We ran around all the rooms for about 7 minutes like a train.

Today is going to be a day of rest. I’m going to drink broth, rest, drink water, and allow my body to rest and heal. Last night was not a very good night’s sleep. After getting two hours straight, I was up, off and on many different times.

Right now, I feel jittery, hot (with no fever), fatigued, nauseous, and have insomnia. This is simply the truth. I do believe that at some point, I will overcome all of this, but it’s very disruptive right now. Looking back, I may have eased into this more instead of going full all-in detox.

If It Is To Be, It Is Up To Me (Part 2)

I made it through the week at work! There was one day I missed work due to really high blood pressure, but that was Tuesday, and I felt a bit better after that. I’m continuing to eat pretty healthy and take my nutritional supplements. Time will tell if this works :)

I’m noticing that stress is a big part of my life – that and anxiety. I’m really trying to get these under control. I am really hard on myself and I also put a lot of pressure on myself to perform and meet expectations. I also worry about supporting my daughters and paying my mortgage. Just stuff to work on :)

Here was what I did yesterday:

  • Eating: 9/10 (Mostly vegetables and shake mix/supplements
  • Meditation: 10 minutes
  • Plank: 20 seconds
  • Pushups: 5
  • Jog the Length of My Condo: 2 times
  • Lunges (no weights): 12
  • Squats (no weights): 10
  • Calf raises (no weights): 20
  • Walk outside: 0 minutes

Here is what I did today:

  • Eating: 9/10 (Mostly vegetables and shake mix/supplements
  • Meditation: 0 minutes (have my daughters, meditation a bit harder :))
  • Plank: 0 seconds
  • Pushups: 0
  • Jog the Length of My Condo: 0 times
  • Lunges (no weights): 0
  • Squats (no weights): 11
  • Calf raises (no weights): 30
  • Walk outside: 20 minutes (3 laps around Ancestry building)

I really enjoyed my walk outside today. I got some sun and did 3 laps around the Ancestry building. I’m still having some major digestive challenges (bloating and discomfort), but working the best I can through them…

If It Is To Be, It Is Up To Me (Part 1)

I have a thermometer and a blood pressure machine in my condo. Doctor’s and hospitals carry these. Whenever you go into a hospital, they will ask you about your symptoms and then take your weight, blood pressure, and temperature. These are all things you can do at home…

With the issues I’ve got going on, another ER or Doctor visit isn’t going to do any good. I must now do all I can to get myself healthy. I must exercise – even if I don’t feel like it or it hurts. I must start small and then go further and further. This is how I will get my health back – through healthy eating and pushing myself just a bit more each and every day.

Here is day 1:

  • Eating: 9/10 (Mostly vegetables and shake mix/supplements
  • Meditation: 10 minutes
  • Plank: 20 seconds
  • Pushups: 5
  • Jog the Length of My Condo: 2 times
  • Lunges (no weights): 12
  • Squats (no weights): 10
  • Calf raises (no weights): 20
  • Walk outside: 0 minutes

Day 2 will seek to improve upon this, even if it is just one more pushup.

More Health Realizations

I’m gaining insight about my body as I do this major detox and cleansing. This is my 3rd day now. I’ve taken a truck load of supplements, vitamins, and eaten a TON of vegetables. I still take prescription medication when I need to, though I hope to one day be done with it. Here’s some of my realizations:

  • My blood pressure goes way up after I eat a meal or take a hot shower/bath. By 20 points (from 131/80 to about 152/92 after I ate a big meal tonight, and has lasted a couple hours – still feeling the effect even as I write this article)
  • My blood pressure goes up when I feel pressure to perform in all aspects of life
  • Solid uninterrupted sleep and getting enough food are super important for health
  • Blending the best of modern medicine and the natural world is what I need right now
  • Going on a walk to get some exercise and getting some sun helped my morale

Last night before bed, I took a Lorazapam. It’s a prescription medicine. I took 1 mg – a small dose. It helped me sleep 9 hours straight. I NEEDED that sleep desperately. Right now, when I have nothing in me, I sleep a few hours and wake up at 2:00 AM constantly. I am hoping to get back to a natural sleep of 8 to 9 hours. Getting good sleep is a high priority for me. Here’s a few things I am doing:

  • Lowering the temperature in my condo to 72 degrees farenheit. I’ve read that cooler temperature helps with sleep. I’m testing that theory out
  • Take a prescription medicine if I am feeling particularly jittery or restless
  • Meditate at 9:30 PM and begin to relax and calm my mind
  • Play a little bit of The Witcher 3 from 9:00 PM to 9:30 PM. This helps take me into another world and live through another character. I love doing that
  • While I get ready for bed, give thanks and gratitude for all I have. Send prayers and healing to those who are struggling in life
  • Take a walk outside every day – at work, I walked around for 20 minutes. It felt great to do so

As far as eating goes, I take a prescription med only when I am starting to feel nauseous. If I don’t feel nauseous, I don’t take any medicine and just eat normal meals. I am also prepping my meals the night before and I just take a couple things of Tupperware to work.

I am consuming mostly vegetables right now, and some lean meats. I had some delicious smoked salmon tonight. Damn it was really good! I also had some brown rice and a nutrition shake with supplements (like Vitamins and Fiber). Ultimately, I believe food can give me all the nutrition I need, but I am clearly deficient right now.

This is my current progress on my health. I will report more as time goes on.

The Complexity of Staying Alive

As I continue on my journey trying to reclaim my health, I’m experiencing the challenge of simply existing – that is to wake up, walk around, eat, drink, go to work, come home, and go back to bed. These are very basic parts of life and yet right now, those simple tasks and staying alive each day are incredibly difficult.

I’m doing a major detox right now with many natural supplements (like Vitamin D), green salads with cucumbers and red/green leaf salad, taking a nutritional shake, and trying to get as healthy food as possible into my body. Right now, eating is difficult unless I take an anti-nausea medication.

I’ve realized the importance of sleep and getting enough food. This morning while I was being looked at at my doctor’s office, my blood pressure was exceptionally high: 150/102. I hardly slept last night and have felt nauseous, being unable to keep food down. Finally, after coming back home, I forced myself to eat, drink, and had about an hour of the most intense pressure in my body while I digested that food…

I should get the results back this week of my upper GI scope and biopsy, but I have a feeling this journey of reclaiming my health has only just begun. My heart is very fatigued right now and that also has to be addressed.

I’m giving it my best and let the chips fall where they may as I do that.

Continuing To Understand My Body

It’s been a few days of detoxing and I don’t think I have scratched the surface yet. I bought a program of detoxing including a bunch of herbal supplements and I’m going to start it Sunday morning. It includes a 70% veggie, 20% lean met (fish/chicken), and 10% other (rice/lentels, etc…) which will further clean my system out. I’ll continue to log what I eat.

I’ve got a lot to heal from… And it’s going to be much harder to keep my body in tip top shape after all it has been through, including my spinal fusion. I may have a neck surgery coming too, and so I must get my eating and diet, along with my mental state, in tip top shape.

I also went to a gastroenterologist and had an upper GI tract scope and biopsy done. There’s some inflammation, small hernias, and irritation of my small intestine. This explains a lot of my discomfort in my abdominal region. I’m hoping that my diet changes will help combat this, but there’s also a chance I will need an antibiotic if I’ve got an H Pylori infection. I will get the results back probably next week.

Lastly, I’m hoping my fatigue is due to my digestion problems. My heart will beat really fast if I take even a couple flights of stairs. I’m having to pace myself as I walk and in everything I do. Every movement is precious.

Still, I’ve got two amazing daughters and I see their pictures on my monitor at work every day. Every time it gets hard, I look at their pictures and smile. They help give me the strength to carry on. I sure love them :)

Body Detoxification

I’ve been keeping a log of everything I eat, how I feel, and what my poop looks like since December 20th. It’s really starting to pay off. I feel my digestive issues are related to my intake of a combination of nuts/sunflower seeds/wheat. My food journal and the examining of my poop seems to suggest this. I’ve cut out nuts the last two days and I haven’t needed to take my anxiety/nausea medicine. This isn’t to say that I am free of the medicine, but certainly, my body and intestines are much happier since cutting out the nuts/sunflower seeds. I’m not fully where I believe I can be, but this is one breakthrough that I think is correct.

I was worried. My poop was having these white specks in it and I thought I might have parasites, a disease, or worse, cancer. Yet, those specks appear to be sunflower seeds and nuts that I was eating. I know, because I played scientist and dissected my own poop. Yes, you heard that right. I dissected my own poop. This morning as I write this, my poop is darker, healthier looking, and has only a few white specks.

To think, that my woes the last month were me poisoning myself with food that my body wasn’t tolerating (and to a lesser extent, not chewing fully), is mind blowing. All my mood changes, depression, frustration, angst, could be tied to my body having a horrible biological reaction to a food… Hard to believe, honestly.

To this end, I am continuing to eat healthier and healthier. Organic, lots of fiber, and now I am juicing fruits and vegetables. I am going to the bathroom (the poop kind), 3-5 times a day now and it looks good. My digestive track is flowing. I would love to post pictures of my scientific research and pictures of my stool, but for now, I’ll keep those pictures private unless requested.

It sure will be interesting to see if over the next couple days, I need to take my medicine. If not, I believe this is one big breakthrough – my issue is food intolerance to some combination of nuts and sunflower seeds and wheat and to a lesser extent, not chewing well enough.

Year in Review, 2016

Last year, I wrote my year in review for 2015. 2015 was a good year. 2016… was a challenge. I’ll write about that shortly. First, let’s go over my predictions for 2016 that I wrote in December, 2015. I was wrong on just about all of them :) Here they are:

Hillary Clinton will be the next president.

Nope, Donald Trump is now the president. I thought Hillary resonated with more people, but I was wrong. There’s many theories why Donald Trump won. The two that make the most sense to me are that he is very authentic in who he is and what he says and he SEEMS to care about the working middle class (though my taxes may go up next year, so…).

Stocks will be flat.

I was dead wrong. The Dow Jones rose about 2,300 points. And I had all of my 401K in cash… So this one I could have capitalized on a lot more. Hey, at least I didn’t LOSE money (not counting the amount that was taken out for my divorce).

Society becoming more liberal.

This one seems to be true. There seems to be more tolerance and openness to ideas. Gay marriage and relationships are becoming more acceptable and the strictness of the top religions is losing its grip. What is my basis for that? It’s just the internet and the ability to share new thoughts and ideas easily. I think this is a good thing as acceptance and empathy increase in society.

Golden State wins the NBA championship.

I was wrong again :) Cleveland pulled off a big surprise here and I have to give credit to Lebron James for playing his guts out and believing in himself and his team when they were down 3 to 1.

Goals I had for 2016

I got some professional photos done in early 2016, which I really enjoyed doing. It was a good thing I did that then because shortly thereafter, the shit hit the fan for me and my health. Said shit is continuing to hit the fan pretty hard! :) Check out Photos and This Article for some of the photos.

I reached 100 subscribers on my YouTube channel at the end of 2015. Here, at the end of 2016, I have almost 900. 9x increase is not too bad. If I can keep up that ratio, I will have close to 9,000 subscribers by the end of next year. This, I believe, is very doable.

I decided not to move to California this year. In fact, I also had an offer to move to New York and be a CTO in April, but my spinal issues negated that.

I’ve slowed down the dating process here at the end of 2016, but I did meet a lot of great people and had good experiences – here in Utah and out and about in Denver, Las Vegas, and New York City.

Goals for 2017

My health is my primary concern right now. Whether my fault or not, I’ve got several things going on right now that are severely hindering my ability to live a normal life. Here they are:

My lower spine is continuing to heal

I continue to heal from my spinal fusion on my lowest vertebrae (done July 22, 2016). Right now, my sacrum area right by the lowest part of my scar is very sore and my nerves continue to twitch as I heal. It could be another year before this one is resolved…

My goal is to minimize the soreness and pain in my lower back and be able to go for a short jog – 10 minutes, at 5 miles per hour, by the end of the year. I have another month or two left at a specialist to continue treatments to this – laser therapy and light decompression.

My neck is having challenges

I have 4 bad discs in my neck and bones and disc bulges pressing on my spine and nerves… This one is a huge challenge as my arms are experiencing weakness and pain. I don’t have a good answer here, except to continue to see my chiropractor, do physical therapy, and if necessary, have surgery…

My goal for this is to get my arm strength back in both arms and be able to work full days without worrying if I am going to make it.

My digestion is having major challenges

At the start of December, 2016, my digestion went haywire. I’ve now been researching online and checking my poop like a hawk. Yes, I check and take pictures of my poop. Your poop will tell you a lot about how your body is doing and mine says that I am having some major challenges right now.

I have to take an anxiety and anti-nausea medicine right now almost every day. I hate that I am dependent on this right now, but if I don’t do that, I’m in serious trouble with an inability to keep food down and take in nutrients.

I don’t know if I’ve caught an intestinal disease, have cancer somewhere in my lower body, have IBS or Crohn’s disease, or just have some nasty virus in my gut, or am just being teased by god. Whatever it is, I’m visiting a gastroenterologist next year (Jan. 3) and I hope to at least figure out what is going on and then create a plan to solve it.

My goal here is to get off the anxiety/anti-nausea medication (Hydroxyzine) and be able to eat normally again. I will be taking many different supplements and sticking to fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meats, whole grains, and organic foods in 2017. I’ve already started this process.

Beyond my health, I simply hope to keep my job and do the best I can there and do a video a day on YouTube. Those may seem like simple goals, but they will take a lot of dedication to accomplish.

Be a better coparent

For 2017, I will make a calendar and at least a good guess of when I will have my daughters for holidays and a couple weeks off of work. My ex does a good job of organizing and I should also be playing my role as their father more prominently.

These are my personal goals. Now for my predictions.

I’ll turn 40

Yep, I will turn 40 next December. Never thought that would happen. Age kind of just creeps up on you :) The way I feel right now, if I do this and am healthy, I will consider this a victory for the ages.

The Stock Market will go up 2,000 more points

The Dow Jones will reach 21,000 by the end of the year. With the way things are going, I don’t see anything else happening here.

I’ll reach 8,000 YouTube subscribers

By doing a video a day in 2017, along with continuing to improve my business and interaction with others, I believe I can reach this goal. I pray for the health to do so.

That’s it for my year in review. 2016 has been a challenge – but the first 3 1/2 months were incredible. After that, it has been the fight of my life to just try and survive. Here’s to hoping 2017 turns a new corner in health, wealth, and happiness.