You Can Get A Book Deal With A Publisher

Over on the website, Financial Samurai (owned by Sam), a recent article was posted about Timothy, one of Sam’s renting tenants. Timothy was a good tenant and paid his rent reliably. While having a conversation with Sam, Timothy mentioned that he was moving back east to New York. Upon further discussion, it was revealed that Timothy got a three book deal with Random House.

Wow, a three book deal with Random House. That’s incredible! To hear of an actual person who got a book deal is music to my ears. Of note is that Timothy was rejected 30 times from literary agents and other publishers. I am an aspiring author. I am in the process of finishing up an over 300 page fiction/fantasy novel with an awesome editor. I too have been rejected numerous times with my queries to literary agents and publishers.

My hope is that I will find a publisher who sees the potential in what I’m writing and I’ll be able to do more books. I have proof that is possible in the form of Timothy. To that I say, thank you Timothy.

I think the biggest hurdle for me to overcome is rejection after rejection. Most literary agents and publishers are looking for something very specific. Think of it as a cookie cutter of a specific shape. If the cookie you want to create does not match the shape, chances are, you will get rejected. For those of you interested, the best website I’ve found for tracking down literary agents is Query Tracker. It’s a free website and has a searchable database of literary agents and publishers. Just know that this is a resource to track people down. It doesn’t guarantee success – I’ve been rejected by many of the literary agents in here :)

In a few months, I’ll have my book ready and we’ll see where it goes. A year and a half of editing and just a couple chapters to go. Wish me luck :)

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4 thoughts on “You Can Get A Book Deal With A Publisher

  1. If your writing on this site is an indicator, I suspect you’ll have huge success with your book Jeremy! You can definitely count me as one of the first in line to buy it when it comes out!

    It took me four years of shopping my manuscript to find a publisher for my book, “Poppies From Heaven.” I received well over 30 rejections from both literary agents and publishers and was very close to giving up. The publisher who offered me a deal was literally my last ditch effort, as I had made a decision to self publish if I did not receive a positive response. I thought I had been through the gamut of body, mind, spirit publishers who would consider a first time author, when I stumbled upon O Books, in the UK.

    Amazon had sent me an email listing a few books I ‘might like.’ Amongst them was a book on life after death. I immediately checked out the publisher and got tingles up my spine when I realized that it was one I’d never heard of. Within moments of writing down the publisher’s name, I became infused with a certainty that I’d finally found my publisher.

    You can likely imagine just how thrilled I was when I received an offer to publish!!! But, I had gotten really close a couple of times, only to have the publisher change their mind, so until I actually signed that contract, I wouldn’t let myself celebrate.

    The most amazing part of the process was receiving the printed version and holding it in my hands for the first time….surreal, is the only word I can use to describe the experience. To envision something and then to have the identical experience manifest is satisfying beyond description!!

    Keep at it…don’t get discouraged. All it takes is ONE publishing house that’s a match to you and your work. Don’t make the mistake of believing that the rejections have any bearing whatsoever on your eventual success. Mismatched energy is all they are.
    Wishing you the best of luck!!!..& can’t wait to read the book!

    1. That’s a great story to here Faye. I’ve often envisioned the moment I’d be holding a copy of the book in my hands. It seems like a dream still :)

      What you say does give me hope to persevere and make sure I give it my best, full effort in finding a publisher. It very well may be when I am finally ready to just give it up and self publish.

      Thanks as always for your encouraging words.

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