How Simple Mathematics Can Make You Powerful

Power from simple math

Has it crossed your mind that you can be a powerful person through simple mathematics? What I am about to tell you may seem so simple, yet it can help you achieve a high level of mental quickness. Want to be able to calculate quickly and effectively? Want to have increased mental power, which will increase your speed as you work? By the end, you should have a simple tool to increase your mental power greatly. But you must use it!

Multiplication tables

Times table with values

Blank times table


See those two times tables above – click them

On the left is a times table. The numbers along the left and top (in yellow) represent the numbers you will multiply together. Find the point at which those two number intersect. That is the answer. For example, find the 7 on the left hand side and the 5 at the very top. Then find the square where these two numbers cross in the middle – it will be the number 35. That is the answer. What do you say, if you haven’t already, commit it to memory.

On the right is a blank times table. Use it to fill in values and check against the times table with values in it. continue this process until answering any multiplication problem with two numbers between 0 and 12 is so second nature, that you can do it at a rapid rate. By rapid I mean that it should take you half a second or less to answer any multiplication problem with two numbers, each number between 0 and 12.

What will simple, quick multiplication do for you?

Memorization of this simple times table will give you quick thinking even beyond mathematics. When I was in 3rd grade, I had gotten to the point where I had my times table memorized. It was amazing how helpful being able to retrieve from memory answers to math questions was and still is in my life. It allows me to quickly retrieve information, which has in turn allowed me to solve problems even today at a rapid rate. Anytime I am faced with a situation, my brain has the ability to rapidly put together possible solutions because of the quickness which I already possess in doing math!

Quick thinking can help with your creative side. Whenever I need to think of things to write about, my brain has the ability to pull many things together quickly and come up with a story. This has been invaluable to me as a writer! I can tell you that your brain power will increase, just by starting with the memorization of the multiplication table.

Quick thinking with math will help you in any situation you need to think rapidly. It will also expand the number of ideas you are able to create!

Simple leads to great

This times table is just the start of great things for you. Once you have this table memorized, you’ll find it much easier to do addition, subtraction, and division. This will give you a foundation for a strong memory and the rapid retrieval of information needed. There’s a game for the Nintendo DS that allows you to do math problems to test your brain skill. I have this game and it has been very useful for me to keep my brain sharp. I highly recommend it for increasing your mental power, which will in turn increase the speed at which you work, which makes you more productive and valuable.

The power comes with speed and confidence

While other people are fiddling around trying to figure something out, you will have the confidence and power to do it right and quickly. Use this to your advantage at your job. Someone who can solve problems, with solutions that work, in a short amount of time is of a very high value to any organization. You will not fully realize your power until you have committed the times table to memory such that any multiplication problem (with two numbers between 1 and 12) is instantly answered by you every time!

How long will it take for you to memorize and be powerful? Depends on who you are and how much time you put into the memorization of them. The game ‘Brain Age’ for the Nintendo DS will really speed up your learning. Dedicate 20 minutes each morning to the study and memorization of the times table and that should be plenty to have it memorized within a week – sooner if you are already really smart and powerful!

Printable times tables

Click the link and then right click the image and select ‘Print’.

Times Table With Answers | Times Table Without Answers

Already have this memorized? Let’s hear how it has helped you. If you don’t have it memorized, don’t fret. You now have tools (my times table images, which can be printed) and a strategy of daily morning study. There is also the possibility of acquiring a Ninetndo DS and the game brain age to further your mental abilities.

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