Simple Word Memory Test To Keep Your Brain Sharp

I saw a memory test on Dr. Oz the other day and he was mentioning the importance of keeping your brain sharp and healthy as a way to combat getting Alzheimer’s disease. Not only that, having a sharp brain that memorizes easily is one sure way to give you an edge in life that helps you be more creative, be more productive at your work, and in general have more confidence in yourself.

I’m going to show you eight words that I want you to memorize. Memorize where they appear as well. You will have a set amount of time, based on the difficulty you choose, for each section of the memory game. After seeing the words, you’ll have a pause to see how you retain them, and then have the opportunity to enter the words as you remember them!

Click To Take The Word Memory Test

The purpose of this game is to test your mind and give you something fun to do. When you have spare moments at work, or are at home with some free time, why not use it to better your memory? Do you think your edge in life will increase with a stronger brain?

Once you play the game a few times, let me know how you did. What words or two word phrases would you want to see added to this game? What other things could I do to make this word memory game serve you more?

Quick Q and A about this game

  • Where did you get this game?
    I actually created it myself from scratch.
  • Created it from what?
    From Javascript, a scripting language used for the web.
  • How many words are there?
    I keep adding more, but there’s probably around 30 – and 8 are chosen at a time for each play through of the game.
  • That was awesome – what can I do to help?
    Just take a minute and leave a comment here with some feedback –> it was great or try some more words or add this to the game, etc…
  • I had a lot of fun playing this game, are you going to do more?
    I need feedback to help me know what to do – this game is there to ‘test the waters’.
  • I want to link to this game on my website, how do I do that?
    First, thank you for your generosity. To do it, simply copy the code below and place it in your HTML page. Thanks for your support.

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9 thoughts on “Simple Word Memory Test To Keep Your Brain Sharp

  1. Heh, that game is difficult even on easy. It’s all about pattern recognition of the word selection pool rather than actual memory ability, though.

    1. Hi Dr. A. Thanks for stopping by. The site is done using ‘WordPress’. Think of it as an easy to use tool to make a website. The look and feel (the contrast) of the site was chosen by my wife who found a ‘template’ and modified it slightly. My wife does graphic and website design as a side business.

  2. Hi Jeremy,

    I thought I had a pretty good memory, but in taking your test am questioning it now. Question about the test- Why not give us the opportunity to fill in the blanks sooner than the 30 sec. ? What’s the reasoning , in watching the seconds tick down…..that throws my memory off…..just an observation….


  3. Hi Julie, thanks for stopping by and leaving feedback. To answer your question: The waiting with a blank screen is to test the brain to see if it can still keep in memory the words it memorized.

    But I’m open to changing the test to allow for an option to have only a second or two delay before entering the words – would that be something that would help?

  4. love the game. I am getting better all the time. it ususlly takes me longer than the alotted time, but I strive to stay within time. I feel great when I get all the words

  5. I have MS and try to challenge myself each day. I do the memory test every day and I am getting much better at it! Thank you for providing this fun ‘test’

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