Unclogging Your Mind (Phase 1)

Clogged Sink

Evelyn at Abundance Tapestry is a vision wizard. She has a knack for taking problems and showing ways to solve them using visual items. This includes mind maps, vision boards, and an inspirational book with a special item for each day of the week. Evelyn is helping me move from using just words as a solution to creating visuals. Later on in this series, I will have some visuals to show you in helping you unclog your mind.

What to do when your mind is clogged

Have you ever been thinking about your next move and felt unable to act? You’re not alone. This is an obstacle I’m facing. I want to make measurable and meaningful progress. I want to make a difference. I want to change the world. I’m sure many of you reading feel the same way, or you wouldn’t be here. One of the biggest challenges I’m facing is figuring out what to do next. What do I do? Do I write a blog post; do I interview someone; do I write a book; do I comment on other websites; do I [insert task here]???

I feel like the sink up there in the picture. I’m totally clogged. Have you felt this way? It’s as if you are in a dense bog and are trying to make quick progress; but, instead, getting anywhere becomes a challenge. The bog feels like quicksand, trapping you. To combat this challenge, Evelyn has inspired me to create an exercise for unclogging the mind. I call it, “Unclogging the mind.”

Start with everything you can think of

What you want, get it all down in a list, every last drop. This is what you want to do with no restrictions.

  • A family with greater opportunities and growth than I had growing up.
  • A loving and fulfilling marriage.
  • Growth and success at my full time job.
  • Become a published author.
  • Write and publish many books (fiction/fantasy and self development).
  • Play pickup basketball as long as I am able.
  • Travel to any part of the world with my family whenever I like.
  • Attend seminars and workshops as often as I like.
  • Own vacation rentals.
  • Own real estate property (condo/house).
  • Have a million dollar investment portfolio (stocks, mutual funds).
  • Speak in front of 100 people.
  • Speak in front of 1,000 people.
  • Speak in front of 10,000 people.
  • Speak at my old high school, Kalamazoo Central.
  • Live in a gated neighborhood in a customized dream home.
  • Have an in-home movie theater, basketball court, and indoor swimming pool.
  • Become physically fit at a high level.
  • Average 500 visitors daily for a website.
  • Play basketball in the NBA.
  • Invent an anti-gravity machine.
  • Create an AI human-like search engine.
  • Invent an easy way to fly for anyone.
  • Learn how to use jedi powers or wizard magic
  • Marry a cute, awesome woman (oh wait, I already did that!)
  • Get to know and work with inspiring and highly successful people.
  • Learn to teleport.
  • Create valuable, unique websites which enhance others lives.
  • Create a computer game that has the same impact as the great ones did on me when I was young.

I call this the “leave no stone unturned brain dump.” Get EVERYTHING out of your brain that you want to do. You may not even get it all the first time. This is similar to a bucket list except that you get everything out – even the stuff that is very far fetched (like teleporting and wizard powers). This is helpful for me because I can see each thing now instead of looking through my clogged mind trying to find it – the information is set here and I can’t forget it or lose track of it now that it is here.

Feeling busy but not making progress

This list does not include ‘busy’ work. It would be VERY long were I to do that. Is it any wonder sometimes one can feel like they are busy but not making any progress? This opens my eye and shows me I am spending far too much time multi-tasking. With trying to do so many things at once, it’s no wonder any one thing getting done is a challenge.

Your task here is simple: get everything down you can think of you want to do. No restrictions – no limitations. Once you have your list, you can await the next article in this series, which will begin to organize these in a visual manner.

Don’t fret! We’re going to be diving into how to organize this so you are maximizing your work with the things you want to do the most. That is coming up next, along with some graphics (thanks to Evelyn for the inspiration).

To continue, read part 2 of unclogging your mind.

image by quinn.anya

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8 thoughts on “Unclogging Your Mind (Phase 1)

    1. You must be reading my mind Sam – what I will be sharing in the next part to this is how to pick and organize your top things. Pick up basketball will always be on the list as long as I can walk and lift my arms to shoot :)

  1. I hope you finish that anti gravity machine, it will certainly help my game when it comes to pick-up basketball :)

  2. @Jarrod Yes if I accomplish all of these, I’ll truly have arrived :)

    @Search Engine Viking I hope I finish an anti gravity machine too. I need that edge in basketball :)

  3. Great list Jeremy! I can envision many of these coming to fruition and then seeing you up the ante. Why not? ;)

    Thank you for sharing the exercise from Evelyn — it’s another one for the journal.

    Have an amazing weekend,
    .-= Kim´s last blog ..Courage: Not Just for Superheroes =-.

    1. Hi Kim! Some of the items on the list are a little crazy, but some are doable. I do believe more will be added as progress is made. In fact, I think I’ll be speaking in front of 100 people at my work, for a Friday informal get together, in a couple weeks, so I’m excited about that.

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