Unclogging Your Mind (Phase 2) – Build Your Fleet

Clogged Sink

Evelyn at Abundance Tapestry is a catalyst in the visual activity I have for you for unclogging your mind. You should now have a list of all the things you want to do in your life. If you don’t have that list, go to unclogging your mind phase 1 please.

Your fleet of ships

I love ships of every kind. From spaceships to sea-faring vessels, ships are fascinating. For purposes of this visual activity, I want you to think of a squadron of ships sailing on the water. What kinds of ships might there be? There might be Battleships. In World War II, these were the staples of any naval fleet. You’d have Aircraft Carriers. These carried fighters to be used in attack enemy ships or land forces. Beyond that, you have Cruisers (for anti-air), Destroyers (to find submarines), submarines (to ambush ships), and PT boats (to scout).

Each boat has a purpose, but a few were key while the others were support. The Battleships led the charge along with the Aircraft Carriers. These two ships are most important. Without them, your entire navy is doomed. Of course nowadays the Battleship is pretty much retired, so I’m going to change the name of Battleship to Mothership. This ship is the leader of your navy. It directs everything. Without it, your navy will fall.

Let’s begin the activity then. We’re going to build our very own navy. We’ll build it with the things that are most important for you. To start, create the mission of your life. What is your life about?

Then use the Mothership for your most important area of your life. This is the ship that will lead your navy. It is your lead ship. What on your list of things is most important to you? This will be your Mothership. This is the thing you will spend the majority of your time on. It is your mission. It is your destiny. It is your career. Think carefully about this. What is it?

My Mission

The Mothership

Left Wing Carrier
Right Wing Carrier




PT Boat




There’s 3 main ships here. Leading the charge is the Mothership. It’s going to take you where you want to go. It’s going to lead the charge. Flanking it are two Aircraft Carriers. First, take the #1 thing on your list and enter it in the box below the Mothership above. Then take the #2 and #3 things on your list and put them underneath the Aircraft Carriers. The second one goes on the left, the third one on the right. Write a few sentences for each one.

The next four ships are the backups. These will be the areas you will focus on only if there is a break or a pause or a need for variety in your first three areas. These are your backups in case you’re not able to work on your top three. Write down the next four things in your list that are most interesting/important to you.

As an example, here are my top three things

The mission of Jeremy Noel Johnson is to author books for the world to extract value and entertainment from, to create informative websites that solve real world problems, and to continue to grow personally, professionally, financially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

  • 1. Mothership: Author books for the world to extract value and entertainment from.
  • 2. Left Wing Carrier: Create informative websites that solve real world problems.
  • 3. Right Wing Carrier: Continue to grow personally, professionally, financially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

And my final four things

  • 4. Crusier: Build investments in stocks, real estate, and anything else that presents opportunity.
  • 5. Destroyer: Create presentations and speak in front of people.
  • 6. Submarine: Interview and meet with successful and inspiring people.
  • 7. PT Boat: Help create a compelling computer game/software application.

How cool is that? I’ve just created the leaders of my navy. They are formidable warships that will definitely help me complete my mission. The next four things are areas of lesser focus that would still be nice to make progress in if time allows. These are the Destroyer’s – the lesser ships – still important, but not nearly as important as your top three.

What about everything else you want to do? Keep it in a safe place. There may come a point in time where you can get to it. But you’ll never complete your dreams and ideas if you are focusing on everything at once.

What do I do on the next screen? When you click ‘Build my fleet’, look over the next screen. If everything is good, click ‘File->Print’ and print the page for you to hang up somewhere. Otherwise, click your Browser’s back button and change what needs to be changed :) You can also save the URL on the next screen and refer to it anywhere you want, on any page!

Your challenge!

Fill in your top three things you will focus on in your life. Then fill in the last four. Click the ‘Build My Fleet’ button when you are done. My hope is that you’ll create a powerful navy that will help complete the mission you set out to accomplish in your life.

My Friends: Let’s see the navy you’ve built. You should have a unique page that was created for you that you can link. I’d love to see it!

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  1. Jeremy,
    W O W ! This is amazing. Very creative. I may have to come back to this and create my “the leaders of my navy” first. I think you for this awesome illustrator. I love how visual and easy to understand it was. This is definitely an awesome post!
    Thanks for sharing my friend. I loved your mission. Thanks =)
    .-= Therese Miu´s last blog ..Thank You Mama! A Mother’s Day Wish for You =-.

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