Chasing Greatness

For those of you who don’t know, I am a senior web developer and scrum master for a leading online company. It’s a great job, I love the people I work with, and I’m skilled at what I do. I’m sure many of you are employed and doing a tremendous job wherever you work. I’m also willing to bet that many of you look at your current position and wonder, “Is this as far as I will go?” Let’s tackle this issue now.

That’s an important question, “Is this as far as I will go?” I think about it daily. My standards of what I should expect in my life continue to jolt me to exceed what I am currently doing. But the results I am hoping for are just not happening. I can even predict that if I continue to do a great job and bring people together over the next year, that I will be having this same conversation with myself this time next year. With that realization, here’s what I’ve discovered.

A better question to ask would be, “What am I going to do daily to set me on a new course for greatness?” This is a big reason I am writing about daily disciplines. This is the one area needing major tune up for me. Perhaps some of you reading are struggling with the daily disciplines such as retiring to bed early, arising early, healthy eating, exercise, reading the right books, increasing memory, persuasion, speaking, and more. I believe these small things are essential to doing the great things. Here’s why:

Humans are creatures of habit. It’s a simple statement. We are the product of what we do consistently. If we consistently eat junk food, our body shape generally tells the story. If we exercise regularly and lift weights, our physique tells the story. If we study the best books and become an expert, our knowledge tells the story. If we master communication and persuasion, the results tell the story. You can get a good idea of the habits of someone by seeing them and speaking with them for a few minutes.

Therefore, to be great, consistently do the ‘little’ things that will repetitively increase your skills. Jim Rohn said it well, “If you want to become good at something, then you’ve got to do it often. Repetition repeats the skill.” This is the charge of greatness. It is the daily disciplines that I am currently writing a series about. That is where it starts. Let’s master the daily disciplines together. Stay tuned for more disciplines so that we can become great together!

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9 thoughts on “Chasing Greatness

    1. Hi Jonathan. I looked at your website, Zippy Gamer and it very well done. I am impressed with it and that you are a co-founder. Thanks again for stopping by.

  1. Hi Jeremy,

    Well said! I think it’s so true that people can tell a lot about us within a few minutes of talking to us. Our daily disciplines usually shine through. Thanks so much for pointing out this very important point! Take care!

    1. Hi Jarrod. You are absolutely right – only a few minutes to see what someone’s priorities are. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Another great, thought provoking article Jeremy. It’s interesting, with my kids home for the summer, I’m really seeing how a change in daily habits can detract from my ability to set and accomplish goals. I’ve let so many of my usual practices ‘slip’ recently. Such things as my exercise program, meditation, writing schedule, frequency of drinking alcohol…..the inclusion or absence of these things lead me to feel kind of like I’m spinning in circles. While I recognize what I’m doing, I’m not quite at the place where I’m choosing to enact change. This is not a place I’m too familiar with it and can only imagine that perhaps I’m allowing myself to experience it in order to fully see the contrast between the two states of being.

    I do know that I’m nearing a point here where I’ll be fully motivated to once again embrace those daily rituals and habits that best serve my greater intentions. I find personally that unless I’m ‘really’ ready and motivated to do so, change is often short lived…..The good new is,I’m actually becoming excited at the prospect of buckling down and adhering to some truly life enhancing daily disciplines. This excitement is an important factor imo.

    It’s so great how sharing these similarities about the inner workings of ourselves can help us to focus our goals so much better….Thanks!

    1. Hi Faye. It’s interesting that you said that. I did an experiment recently which involved me doing absolutely nothing for a few days. Nothing but wasting time with TV and games. I found that after a few days of this that I was starting to shift my philosophy and thinking and it became more natural to watch TV and play games. It actually frightened me and I had to rip myself from the habits that were forming.

      You’re right about needing to ‘really’ be ready and motivated to live a life involving the necessary habits for greatness. It can’t be forced.

  3. lol…so funny Jeremy that you say “It actually frightened me”…..I must admit, the length of time I’ve been in this place of ‘no set exercise program, no meditation, no real schedule’ has kind of got me a bit freaked out too!! I’m thinking though that perhaps the very fact that this realization does ‘frighten’ us is a good sign that we’d likely not allow ourselves to enter into such a state permanently…?….haha…then again, maybe this is simply my way of temporarily consoling myself while I spiral into an apathetic state unparalleled to anything I’ve yet experienced!…I’ll keep ya posted! :)

    1. I think you are right. Being frightened is a good thing. I think you are in the right place in your life right now for some amazing things and I very much look forward to hearing your experiences.

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