A Thought About Managers

Recently at work, I’ve taken on the responsibility to unofficially be the manager on our team. That means more responsibility, going to more meetings, sharing my opinion, coming up with ideas, helping those on my team get something out of work and making sure their lives are better. It means taking the team from where it is now to something better. At least, that’s what it means to me.

It also means more stress. As I now have to think about interfacing with other managers in the company and going to more meetings, and doing more presentations, it’s quite a bit more than where I started on the team. I started simply doing programming and just following instructions. Now I’m part of major decisions and responsible for others. I don’t know that I feel adequate for the task, but does anyone really?

I think most managers are just trying to do the best they can to be a good manager. Helping their people and working through those in the company who make big decisions. As a young man many years ago, my default response to managers was to complain about them and talk about how lousy they were. Now that I am in the shoes of one, I have a whole different perspective. Just try becoming one and see if you can succeed at it. If you cannot, I believe there is no room to complain.

As I move to this new role at work, my thoughts are on can I do a good job with the different personalities on my team? Can I create a better team than what was before I was manager? Will I do good at presenting and sharing my opinions? Will I make the company better overall? Will those on my team get more out of work because I am their leader?

I don’t know the answers to these questions. I think it starts with caring and getting to know those on my team. I also think making sure I arrive first is paramount. Who likes to work for a manager that arrives last to work everyday? I think communication will be important. Sharing what I think and asking for honest communication back. I know that there is different levels of influence I have with the team. How I work through that will be interesting to see.

Lastly, a manager is a leader. They are someone who takes a group and makes the group better than they were before. They are motivating because they excel at what they do and those working for them gain from that confidence. I will most certainly do the best job I can to be a good manager that brings a better life to my people and makes the company better overall. With luck, the company will make it official. Regardless of the outcome, I have to try.

Give your manager some feedback and appreciate them. They have more weight on their shoulders than you think. Talking to them just might offer you insight and opportunity you might not have had otherwise. I am fortunate to have had a manager on my team that cares enough to work with me and help me develop, even with all their other responsibilities. To that, I say thank you for helping me get on a path that is far more challenging, but much more rich and rewarding.

– Jeremy

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