The Dark Knight Warrior From Hell

A little story I just made up tonight called, “The Dark Knight Warrior From Hell” :)


There is a tale of a man. He lived a normal life and did as he was told each and every day. He questioned nothing and made peace wherever he could. He was, at times, manipulated and abused as a youngster. But he continued to live to please others so as not to cause disruption.

The man settled down for a while, became a farmer, got married, and had a couple children. He went through each day, coasting, cruising, and in general, not thinking too much for himself. One day, while out in the fields, a white bird flew overhead and landed on his shoulder.

He looked at the bird and it back at him. Inside the birds eye he saw a freedom. He saw the ability to fly. It sparked something within him that he had never felt. It made him feel knotted inside. Was this feeling right? Should he act on the things that he was now thinking? He kept this to himself and from his family.

As time went on, the man became more drawn to the freedom that the bird felt. He saw possibility and an endless amount of experiences untold were he to spread his wings and follow the bird in its flight. This frightened the man for he would need to leave his family to do so.

As the man contemplated his life in the fields, another bird landed on his shoulder again. This time, a yellow bird. The yellow bird nodded at him, beckoning him to his true calling in life. To be free as a bird. The man started to speak to the bird, but it was too late, the bird flew from his shoulder before it could hear him speak.

The man felt saddened by the bird’s lack of listening to what he would say. But he knew his true calling now. To live freely and without restraint. He told his family that he would be leaving for he had a quest to go on and he would not be coming back. His family cried and mourned at his leaving, but the man did not look back.

As the man left his home, he went deep into a forest and found a pit leading downward. He looked in the pit and saw only darkness. The man knew that in the pit were horrors untold, yet his new-found freedom compelled him to face the deep and dark pit. So down the pit he climbed, lower and lower.

As he finally descended to the bottom of the pit, he found a spear laying on the ground. As he grabbed it, it burned his hands, leaving a permanent scar. However, the spear glowed with a red light, illuminating the way. The man walked and faced flying imps that clawed at the man and bit fiercely. He pierced them, defeating them, but suffered scratches on his face and arms.


Bleeding, the man pressed forward. Fear gripped him for he wondered if he would live through this experience. It was then, that hellish wolves with glowing eyes ran at him, growling, ready to tear the flesh from his body. He fought them with his spear, yet was bitten many times. One of the dogs knocked the spear from his hands – the last dog, for the man had killed all the others. As the dog charged the man, he bit the dog’s neck in order to end the dog and save his own life.


Bleeding even more profusely, the man picked up his spear and continued the journey. He saw Winged Balron’s ahead with whips of fire. He figured this was probably going to be his end, but decided to charge forward anyway. The Balron’s were fearsome foes, using magic and their whips to batter and bruise the man. Yet the man continued to fight despite the critical wounds and slew every last one of them. His body nearly covered in wounds and blood, he forged on.


He saw an elaborate throne ahead and saw sitting upon it, a devil. He approached the devil, bleeding, feeling nothing to lose, and charged forward. The devil, being a magical being, teleported and struck the man over and over with dark magic. This happened again and again – the man being unable to reach the devil each time. The man was singed from the dark magic, his body unrecognizable, when he closed his eyes, twirled around, and threw his spear behind him – right where the devil appeared, piercing the devil through his heart.


The man went and took the spear from the slain devil and made the trek out of the pit, climbing back up a great distance back to the surface of the world.

He arrived – battered, bloody, scarred, and a changed man. All who saw him shrieked back in terror, yet the man walked forward as if nothing was happening. He went to the town hall and placed the bloodied spear for all to see and made a sign for it. It read, “The spear of the man, who is forged through the trials along his journey.”

The man then left the town, never to be seen again. A tale began in the town of a man, the dark knight from hell, who slew the devil himself with a simple spear. Nobody knew if this was true or not, for the man of the story was never seen from again. Yet the man himself knew for he had gone through the experience by himself.

My Thoughts on Father’s Day

I’m a dad of two girls, 7 and 4 right now. Today is “Father’s Day” as an official U.S. holiday, but I admit I don’t know how the holiday came into existence. From what I can tell, it came into existence because of Mother’s Day to try and make things more equal for parents. If you are having trouble sleeping right now, read THIS ARTICLE and it will fill you in.

Where do I start with sharing a few thoughts about this? Well, I’m a DAD! As I said, I have a 7 and 4 year old daughter and I don’t hide the fact I am a dad. I always thought I would have two kids and that would be about the end of it and it seems that little prophesy is true. What does being a dad mean to me? Probably something like this:

This is my daughter from a few years ago. She’s 7 now. Being a father means chasing my kids around, scaring them, telling them stories at night, and overall, herding them like cats (which herding cats isn’t easy by the way), and trying to be a good example and leader for them. I’m not terribly successful at it, but I do try :). Being a dad means I provide for them while they are young and incapable of providing for themselves and teaching them what I’ve learned so they can be more successful and better than me.

Being a dad isn’t easy or hard. It just is – like anything else, our attitude largely determines the experience. The days where my two daughters are hitting and scratching each other are certainly more trying than when they are playing calmly together, but that’s like anything else – there will always be good and bad experiences. Mostly, I just try and be as good a dad as I can be and if I can go to bed at night knowing I did the best I could with my situation as a dad, I feel pretty good.

I’m still a complete noob when it comes to being a dad. My girls are only 7 and 4 so don’t take me too seriously here as I say a few things. I just do the best I can and try to interject some stories and humor in the hopes that these two little girls have a decent shot at turning out OK in life. Isn’t that about the best we can do? Just give things a go, try our best, share some good times and humor and see what happens? I think it’s a good start!

I’ll close by sharing part of a story that I tell my two girls at night sometimes. It goes something like this:


Once upon a time there were 7 elves.

They lived in a giant tower in the forest.

One elf cooked really well. One elf was really fast.

One elf knew how to play basketball. One elf had a pet frog.

One elf knew how to do magic. One elf was really tall.

And the seventh elf had a very special power.

One night, after dinner, the seventh elf laid in bed.

All the elves were about to fall asleep when the seventh elf had one too many beans and went.


It was quite the stinker and all the elves woke up in laughter and then fell asleep.

They all lived happily ever after, THE END

What each elf can do is made up on the fly each time by me, but the kids get a kick out of the ending and laugh too. If nothing else in my life works out the way I want, I can take comfort in knowing I got my two little girls to laugh at this story I made up, HAHAHA! There you go, some thoughts of mine for Father’s Day.


Dem Cats!

I decided to spice things up a little today. I found pictures of random cats on the Internet (really original, I know!) and I wrote the first thing I thought of when my eyes looked at the picture of said cat. Enjoy!


I swear there is an eye over there and I have more than one tooth.



Judas Priest man, can’t a cat be grumpy for one day?



I just ate a box of girl scout cookies. WTF just happened?



I swear, if I have to chase the frickin’ laser one more time…


Morris the cat

Nothing to see here. Your pet parakeet is NOT in my mouth



I HAVE seen the ghost of John



Lassst night, I dreamt I wasss a ssssssssnake



Go ahead, just try and blow gently on my ear. See what happens.



I really don’t know how I’m doing it either…



I am funny, I am smart, I am a cat walking work of art

Listen to Other People

I’m sitting here on a Saturday morning just thinking deep and reflective thoughts. As a manager at my job now, part of my responsibility is to help a group of people function as a cohesive unit. It’s a great challenge as each person on my team is unique in their own way. They have their strengths and weaknesses. One of the things that I’ve found to be most useful when interacting with them (and others in life) is to just sit and listen. Some of them have shared some very insightful things. I think people want to be heard and know that someone cares for them!

Listening means setting aside what you want to say or do. It means emptying your mind of pre-conceived notions and beliefs. It means letting go of your ego so that you can make room for someone else’s thoughts and ideas. It’s like emptying your cereal bowl. I may really like Cocoa Puffs. But if my bowl is full of them, there’s not really any room for Frosted Flakes or Cheerios. This bowl here doesn’t have much room for anything else :)



I hear things all the time from people where I work as a manager. If you are just paying attention, you will pick up on the philosophies and desires of people. Some might be having struggles in their family life. Others might feel inadequate when it comes to talking in groups. Others might only want to work in a certain area, and another might want to just feel useful. It takes hard work and focus to listen. But take time to do it. Pick up on the words and expressions of other people. It’s really an art that if practiced will help remove barriers you might be having with other people.

While I walk through the halls at my place of employment I notice conversations going on. And as I walk, for a few seconds, I might pick up on something interesting. One of our VP’s said something that really stood out to me that I heard. He said (and I paraphrase), “People need constant leadership and communication.” I really felt those words were true when I heard them. People need customized attention according to their own life situation and needs and don’t need to be changed. Not everyone is a driven Navy Seal. People have rough edges about them and that is what makes them human and unique.

I think there is a time and a place for a firm hand. But I think a prerequisite to that is listening and showing someone that you care for them. As I wrote in a previous article, each of us has layers like an onion. It’s important to learn how to break down some of these barriers with someone before even thinking about admonishing them or giving a firm hand. The defense will be just too strong if all layers are left intact. Your words will just bounce off like an arrow against a steel wall.

I challenge you to set aside your own thoughts for a day. Grab a notebook and walk around wherever you are. Watch and listen to people. Jot down the things they say. You’ll be amazed at what your own brain is able to process as you now understand people better. As a leader and a manager, I can’t think of a better skill to master than the ability to listen and have empathy for other people. It’s not easy. And you might stumble and make mistakes. But people will know you are sincere and be willing to accept those blunders.

The Truth of the Matter

As I’m getting older, I become more curious about why life is the way it is. I ask a lot of questions like these:

  • Why is there such a large income gap in the world and the United States?
  • Why did I make a big change at around 30 to change my life to be something more than what I was?
  • Why have I changed my views on religion, especially when many of my family and wife’s family are strong in their beliefs still?
  • Why did I choose to share this information?
  • Why do certain people enter your life at certain times?
  • How do people handle being torn between two different things and trying to make both happy and stay happy themselves?
  • Why are some people completely accepting of changes and differences and others feel they have to force a change?
  • Why do the tough things happen? And do they happen randomly or for a designed purpose?
  • Why is it so hard for people to share what is beyond the surface?

Life is full of questions. I gotta a whole lot more questions than answers. Whenever I think I have an answer, I find someone who makes me rethink what I thought was an answer.

I look to others for advice, but even so, I am finding more and more that my own intuition is proving to be better for my life. I feel more fulfilled, satisfied and full of life as I listen to my own intuition while still getting feedback and advice from others. In that spirit, let me share a few words about each of these.

Why is there such a large income gap in the world and the United States?

Because wealth is going to a small group of people. More people are born to families that aren’t wealthy, so the proportion is going to get more lopsided as more people are born. Wealthy people also spend their time working on their businesses, save their money, continue to invest their money, and have a philosophy and standard of wealth. Yes, some people win the lottery or are born into a rich family. But to keep that wealth requires not splurging that money, which often happens with lottery winners.

Why did I make a big change at around 30 to change my life to be something more than what I was?

I think I realized I wasn’t doing everything I could for myself and my family. I started to ask questions about reality and some of my beliefs I’d held for 30 years. I asked the question that could other people have perspectives and opinions that add truth. When I opened myself to that possibility, I found a lot of great people who share things that are different than my beliefs. So it was curiosity and a desire to be something more. I always want to be in a place that I can handle life. So far so good.

Why have I changed my views on religion, especially when many of my family and wife’s family are strong in their beliefs still?

This sort of ties into the previous question. Having been raised LDS Mormon and getting married in the temple, why on earth would I think any differently? Isn’t my life in eternity threatened if I do this? Will I be forever separated from my family simply because I asked a few questions and saw more to life than one perspective? What about the commitments I made at church to do certain things – isn’t not doing some of those now meaning I don’t keep promises and don’t have integrity?

I think questions and thoughts like this are good. I can only share how I feel about it. I don’t think it is fair to make a pledge for something, find out it is not serving you, but being forced to continue to do it anyway. I don’t think that is right. I also think multiple perspectives beyond one really is the beginning of wisdom. I also think that it is more likely that if there is a judgment after life, that our intents and hearts and actions toward our family and fellow humans will be looked at rather than how much we attended a temple or church.

Why did I choose to share this information?

It’s risky speaking about things like religion in a family and culture where it is normal and generally accepted behavior. It is risky knowing that people will subtlety try and convince me that I am wrong or that I am a lost soul, rather than being supportive and undertaking the journey of further exploration with me. I risk having people think differently of me or withholding things from me. I’d rather people be supportive and curious with me, but I also understand that lifelong beliefs are not easily questioned or shed from people and that I am an anomaly. And I’m ok with that because I am being true to myself.

Why do certain people enter your life at certain times?

You might wonder why you meet certain people at certain times. Is it all a matter of chance? I’m not sure – but I think all our actions and things we are looking for in life play a role in this and how we view people. If you’re looking for a really good friend to come into your life for instance, you might meditate and pray or ask the universe to bring that type of person into your life. And chances are if you pay attention it will happen. I know I’ve been fortunate at my day job to really get to know some wonderful people. I really feel like I have some lifelong friends there and it is because I decided I wanted some people like that in my life.

I think intent matters and understanding that not everyone will be interested in you or your life and being content with that. But if you look hard enough and try hard enough, you’ll find someone that is interested. And those are the kinds of friends you want in your life – not just the type of friend for casual conversations, but the kind of connections where each of you are genuinely concerned what is going on in the other’s life and listening intently. I really am thankful for this and it’s all because I started looking for it and recognized the people who would be these kinds of friends. And it makes work much more of an enjoyable experience.

How do people handle being torn between two different things and trying to make both happy and stay happy themselves?

The kinds of tough questions that have entered my life are: How do I keep my family happy while having changing views that are true to myself? How do I do good work and spend the necessary time with my family? How do I deal with new developments in my life yet keep those who are close to me happy.

There isn’t an easy answer, but I do have one. It is simply choice. I choose to make sure my wife and family are taken care of. I make the choice to listen to my wife and make sure she gets my love and attention and knows that I care about her and our family. I also choose to make sure I am a good friend to those who are outside my family circle. I believe we can have close relationships with multiple people and that having good friends and connections is healthy. I didn’t always believe this. I used to be very closed and was happy with not getting to know people outside my family. But I’ve realized, especially as a manager at work now, that it is critical to get to know people and be concerned with their lives.

Why are some people completely accepting of changes and differences and others feel they have to force a change?

One of the fascinating things I’ve witnessed as I’ve shared new changes in my life is the way some people are accepting  and interested and others are more interested in ‘reeling’ me back in to my old self. It would be nice if everyone is supportive, but I also understand that when you believe something strongly, you might feel a sense of betrayal at abandoning it. And if you abandon that, what’s to stop you from dropping other things. I think that is fair to ask. I don’t have an easy answer except that I care about people much more than I do beliefs at this stage in my life.

Why do the tough things happen? And do they happen randomly or for a designed purpose?

I think tough things happen because of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, lack of knowledge, lack of opportunity, or just plain ignorance or bad choices. I’ve certainly hurt myself, literally, with ignorant choices. I had a kidney stone surgery, lower back surgery, and am now dealing with a potential right shoulder injury that could require surgery. All these things are my fault in being careless. It’s me not learning my lesson and it’s me being mortal and subject to the laws of physics in the world.

Some tough things are due to laws of nature or a law made by people that just plain inhibit you. Some are probably just random chance. And there might be some grand design or plan for it all. I don’t rule that out. If there is, I don’t understand it. But I know I can learn from my mistakes, keep a good attitude, and protect myself, my family, and those I care about to the best of my ability.

Why is it so hard for people to share what is beyond the surface?

It’s because life is like a video game, except you cannot go and load your saved game. Each day, you must live with everything that has happened to that point. If you say or do something and someone rejects you, that is reality. You can’t go back and say, “Well, I’ll just redo that and not say what I was thinking.” No such luck. Everything that happens is a done deal. And that makes life both scary and exciting. It’s scary because you can mess up and say or do something that screws you up. But it also means you can take a risk or reach out to someone and show you care. And if they understand the nature of life as it is, they might recognize the courage it took to do what you did.

But no, most people won’t share much more than their surface thoughts. It’s too scary and takes too much time away from their life. We are all like onions with multiple layers that we show to different people. On the outside is our day to day casual interaction. As you peel layers, chances are, less and less people know what those inner layers are. They are your inner thoughts, desires, and experiences in life. And it is more risky to share these as they might tend to be different than what normal day-to-day life is like. What if someone rejects you for sharing what you believe?

Well, that’s my thoughts about the truth of it all. Truth is relative to what our individual experiences and beliefs are. I just want to say I am thankful for such a good family, a good wife, two wonderful daughters, and those who are willing to spend the time to listen and get to know me for what I am. I really am thankful for life and my health (even with the bum shoulder right now). I feel like each new day brings a new adventure and I just want to make the most of it. I’m not an Oracle with all the answers, but I am becoming less afraid to do what I know will bring growth in my life.

Thanks for reading!

Finding Your Niche

I’ve been on a LONG quest to find out what I have to offer to the world. What can I do that will benefit many people? As 2011 comes to a close, there are 3 things that seem to be it for me. They are: writing books, developing games, and empowering other individuals to succeed. I’m the best at these three things right now and I feel my best shot is with them.

For any of you who have followed my website since its beginning (back in February of 2010), you’ll notice that I have a plethora of topics written about. It really has been a complete paint scatter of topics. That’s me trying out a bunch of things. But for who I am as a person, writing, game development, and empowering other individuals is my niche. I think this website should be focused on empowering other individuals through my own life story. If I share a success or something learned and it helps you with a struggle you may be having, then it is all worth it to me to keep at it.

Your Niche

I’m not sure what your niche is. Maybe it’s talking about the after-life. I know Faye, from Wisdom Of Spirit has that as her specialty/niche. Or it may be personal finance. Or it might be doing yoga. Whatever your niche is, it’s probably something you’ve been interested in for a while and have good experience and practice at.

I’ve been writing since 6th grade and writing on blogging/websites for about four years now. Even so, I’m still a rookie with it. In a few decades, I may actually start to have a clue! I’ve been playing and tinkering with computer/video games since I was about six years old. And I’ve always found a need inside me to help others succeed, particularly in the last few years. Future projects of mine will be in these areas and I look forward to reporting here on this website their progress.

If you’re wondering if there is something for you to contribute to the world, look no further than what you’ve been doing with your life and are already good at. Whether it’s commanding a mastery of TV shows or knowing thousands of recipes – chances are, you are a master at something. It is this something you can take and share passionately with the world. It is this something that can probably solve a lot of problems and answer a lot of questions for others.

Begin the journey as I have. You may not make a dime with what you do. I haven’t made much of anything yet. But I don’t believe that’s the point. As you create works of wonder on your own, you will increase your value to the world. There are ways which you may not even know of that will create benefit. I can firmly say that I have a great day job with terrific pay and benefits in part because I am proactive in my side projects and have adopted a philosophy of doing all I possibly can.

My Hope For You

My hope for you reading this is that you won’t attribute success to money, but instead success to progress. Just keep working on your projects. Find what can be improved and fix it. Learn from those who are succeeding. Let’s jump into 2012 and make it another great year!

Evaluating Why

I’ve taken a bit of a sabbatical from website related activities this month. During this time, I’ve found myself asking over and over why I get up in the morning and do anything. Not because I don’t want to get up, but because I’m still searching for meaning to what I do. This doesn’t mean I don’t have any purpose. Of course I have a wonderful family that I want to provide for and give opportunity to. But what do you do when you still feel an empty hole?

Leadership Through Why

I recently came upon a TED talk about leadership and what makes the difference between a great company like Apple and all the rest of the mediocre ones. Evaluating Leadership – Why. The general theme of this talk is that when sharing your message, beginning with WHY instead of WHAT connects with people in a far greater way than starting with what you do. So I will explore the why for a given day using my life story. Perhaps you might notice something that is similar for you.

The Why Pattern

Why get up in the morning?

I get up in the morning because I either need to go to the bathroom, or I’m going to be late for work. Rarely do I get up in the morning because I have a compelling vision of something I want to work on. I ask the question, “Do I even have a compelling vision?”

Why go to work each day?

In my situation, I have a family to take care of. So I go to work because not going will mean not being employed and not having the pay check come in to pay for our house, food, clothing, vacations, and entertainment. Without work, I may have to sell my house and move in with a family member, ruining my family’s independence.

Why keep trying to build a business?

I’ve tried many business ideas in my life – coming close to 10 now. Some have showed brief moments of potential, but ultimately, all have failed to connect with a large audience and provide an income to replace my full time job. I attempted my first business back in 2004 with a website called “”. So for about 7 years now, I’ve been working at it off and on.

With so much failure, why do I keep a glimmer of hope that I can make a difference and succeed at building a business, whether through writing, building websites, or making games, or whatever it may be? I think the biggest reason is that I want to believe I’m capable of more than just sitting in my cubicle at my day job. It’s my self-worth that’s on the line. I tie my self-worth to my ability to succeed in my business endeavors. Maybe that’s not the right thing to do, but it is what I feel when I ask why…

Why raise a family?

I have two kids and a great wife. I have this family because I want to experience having children and making a marriage work, along with providing a better future for my family than what I had as a child. Raising a successful family is challenging and were it not for my love for them, the drive to provide for them and give them opportunity, I’m not sure how I would make it.


I’m still searching for exactly why I’m writing here on my website. Perhaps it’s to leave something behind for others so I can feel like I did something worthwhile with my life. Regardless of the reason, it is apparent to me that finding my reason why and having a compelling vision are big keys to breaking past many of the failures I’ve had in the past. For those of you reading, what is your reason why you do what you do?

You Don’t Need Hours To Write A Good Blog Post

Passion… An eager desire… Daily diligence to learn and perfect your craft… To be the best at what you do… That’s it. Maybe a little luck on top wouldn’t hurt :)

Do I have it? Some days I have the eager desire and diligence. Some days I don’t. Some days I’m disciplined. Some days I sluff…

Am I the best at my craft? Well, what is my craft? Making websites? Writing? I’m not the best at anything I do. But what is “the best”?

The best is when I write what I’m sincerely passionate about. What is that? A better future for humanity? Making website? Writing stories? Showing that a strong marriage is possible?

Perhaps “the best” it is what I choose it to be. The scary choice is to commit fully 100% to a chosen passion and the day job be damned. That’s risky with a family and kids. But I only live once.

I’m not ready to do it yet… But it’s coming like a storm. I’m not unique in this thinking. Many have quit their jobs and been successful. But I’m not them and haven’t lived their life.

You don’t need hours to write a good blog post. You need a brief moment to commit to what you are passionate about. And that commitment needs to last for good.

I’m not the expert on commitment. I’m just saying everyone who I see that is making a success at what they do has that passion, eager desire, and daily commitment to their craft.

They’re just like you and me, except they are working while we’re sleeping, eating, and playing around. Now, how bad do you want it? How bad do I want it?

7 Of My Articles You May Never Have Heard Of

I’m starting to build up a nice collection of articles about a variety of topics from Green Tea to Marriage to sharing deep and personal thoughts. Here’s 7 that I think are worth a second look. Some of these are not my best work, however, I’m highlighting them for that very reason – I’m getting better at writing – at least I hope I am :)

Click the heading for each one to visit the article.

1. Breaking One Million In Alexa Ranking

Alexa is a ranking system for websites. The most popular in the world (Google right now) is number 1 and the rest are jockying for that position. For this article, it was the first time I ever had a website get under one million in Alexa.

What I’ve learned since then is it takes a tremendous amount of effort to keep a website ranked that well. You can’t count on Google to give you traffic. Forming relationships with actual humans who will return to your website again and again seems to be essential here.

2. The Garden Of Life Series (Part 1)

This was my (somewhat) humorous attempt to correlate life to a garden. At the time I did the videos I thought I had a unique idea – using a drawing screen to illustrate points in life and correlate it to a garden.

In the end, I think the videos lacked real quality and I still have work to do in the way I speak and present. But it was still a good learning experience.

3. How To Work Harder On Yourself Than On Your Job

Jim Rohn said his mentor told him to work harder on himself than on his job in order to achieve a fortune of wealth. This was a dissection of what I think it takes to work harder on yourself than on your job. It was the first time I realized that detailed and specific questions were one of the major keys to being more valuable in the marketplace.

4. Am I Qualified?

I posed the question to myself in this article: “Can I Make $832,000 a year?” The end result of this article was learning that I’ll need to find a way to affect a LARGE group of people to earn the kind of income I talked about here…

5. The Ant Philosophy

My most commented article – and it took me about 30 minutes to write. I wrote about “The Ant Philosophy” which Jim Rohn taught me. It is the philosophy that ants do all they possibly can with what they have and are never satisfied…

6. Being Completely Honest and Open

I share here some of my dirty little secrets. I heard a talk at TED of someone whose honesty impressed me. It inspired me to share some of my deep thoughts and things about me I am a little frightened to reveal.

7. A Death Bed Experience

When I saw my wife’s step-mon laying on a bed with life support, it struck something in me. I wrote about it in this article…