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Dem Cats!

I decided to spice things up a little today. I found pictures of random cats on┬áthe Internet (really original, I know!) and I wrote the first thing I thought of when my eyes looked at the picture of said cat. Enjoy! I swear there is an eye over there and I have more than one […]

Time to Demand Transparency

It’s time to demand transparency. I care what happens to other people. I care that people have a chance, without being misled, to achieve their potential. What I can’t stand is when a website, business, or other organization shows no transparency. What is transparency? Example image and description below Transparency is when you can see […]

2011 Direction

Thought I would kick off the new year highlighting a couple websites that are worth taking a look at – for making a difference both in your knowledge, and understanding of personal finance and the future. Financial Samurai An acquaintance who I look up to in terms of skill and determination in regards to understanding […]

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