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  1. I listened to your article on twin flames and I really enjoyed it but I have a unique situation in that every relationship I’ve had has followed this course and I see you could only have one twin flame. Every partner I’ve had thanks me for showing them what unconditional love is, it’s like something comes over me and all I can do is accept them for who they are and through this they have all had healings that they attribute to me. It’s cool to see but I’ve doubted myself sometimes because I can’t shut it off and it seems like I’m an endless bowl of giving, I tell myself that I shouldn’t be this way because it hurts sometimes to be so open and accepting but I can’t control it. I am happy with or without these relationships but they always end when my partner feels that they need to go deeper to find out in themselves how to love as they see a defiance cry in themselves. I’ve leart a lot myself, never knew love could go so deep. My question is have you heard of this before? I remain close to all these men, I’m older now, my kids are grown, I’m healthy and happy yet a long term relationship seems elusive. The love never leaves and they all come and go now as friends instead of lovers. I’m not perfect I have my outbursts of wondering what this is all about..on a separate note I have six kids that all feel the same way way about me. I’m looking for wisdom on this, It feels like a battle in my soul…sounds funny but sometimes I want to stop being like and I wonder if If something is wrong with me. It may be a weird question, feels vulnerable to even write but after this last relationship the pattern was so clear I knew I needed guidance then I saw your video and wondered if you may have insight.
    Thanks for hearing me,

  2. Jeremy, I see you and me have been through similar situations.I too have found my twin flame, only I didn’t tell my 13 year relationship about her. but she did find out. As expected me and my twin flame have separated and don’t talk at all. The psychic connection was driving me crazy. I was getting no direction through the usual channels, therapists, praying. so I tried going to psychic and she explained it to me. she even said me and her would be together again.
    me and my long term relationship are still together, but it is a failing relationship and may not make it till the end of february before we separate.
    Istill have the connection and all the pain that goes with it. i have reached out to my spirit guides for strength and comfort. I have faith that she will call when her currant relationship ends, and it will. I know this because my twin is bipolar and boarderline personality disorder, and this quick and passionate relationships are par for the course for them.

    I still have rough times I cant deal with… I try your suggestions that you gave in the videos, and I know she need to work her stuff out before the reunion can occur. I assume that means dating someone other than me. Any ideas?

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