How To Get To Bed On Time

How to get to bed on time – the simple and effective solution that works.

10 o'clock

Do you find that it’s late at night and you’re wondering where the time went and how you are going to get up the next day? Do you have grand dreams of going to bed early, but have been unsuccessful so far? This used to be my life. Usually my evening was something like this.

Just one more turn. I need to take back my town from the barbarians. Two hours later in triumphant victory, I turn off the computer and limp to bed well past midnight.

That was an awesome episode of Star Trek. I really want to see the next one. One more won’t hurt. Three episodes later, I rub my eyes and collapse on the bed.

Maybe if I just check my analytics one more time. And then email, then Twitter, then Facebook, then the news. I should probably do it again just to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Well after midnight, I collapse to the bed again.

The Need for Sleep

We need sleep. Without it, we can become bloodthirsty savages. Without sleep, life itself is a struggle of epic proportions. With proper sleep, life can be blissful and enjoyable. I find that I am much more irritable when I go to bed past midnight and much more pleasant when I’m in bed well before midnight. I believe getting to bed early gives the best chance for restful sleep. So why on earth would I keep going to bed past midnight?

Late Night Confession

Because there’s so much to do at night. The kids are asleep and it’s finally ME time. I can play a computer game, read a book, surf the web, talk to my wife, talk on the phone – the possibilities are endless. It was like another day was beginning at 8:30 PM when the kids were in bed.

Often times, I’d stay up just in defiance. After all, my parents made me go to bed when I was little, and I’m a big boy now so I get to stay up and have fun. I don’t need to sleep because after all, you only live once, right?

Who Goes To Bed Late?

I think we all like to stay up late. For me, my mind starts racing at night. It’s the only real extended quiet time I get during a day. Because I have kids, night time is ME time. It can be very easy for me to stay up until 1:00 AM working on a project or playing a game because most distractions are gone. The time seems to accelerate. Those of you who write books or work on online projects I’m sure can attest to the quick passage of time at night.

The Challenge of Going to Bed Early

If you want to go to bed early and have not been successful, what could be the problem? I think the biggest challenge is that at night, this is a rare opportunity to have uninterrupted free time. With that free time can come a price – the fatigue of the next day.

The Benefit of Going to Bed Early

Going to bed early is like buying a truckload of lottery tickets. Sure, you may not win the lottery, but you give yourself a heckuva shot at winning. In this case, waking up feeling rested. When I wake up feeling rested, I’m a better husband, father, author, and business owner. When I wake up from a late night, I’m a savage creature that should be shunned.

The Three Step Process to Get to Bed On Time

Let’s get straight to the point. Here’s how you get to bed on time.

  • Get a loud alarm – something you will hear without question.
  • Set the alarm to a specific sound – only for going to bed on time.
  • When you hear the alarm, immediately go to bed.

Going to bed early will probably mean something different to everyone. For some, 9:00 PM is the time. For others, including myself, it’s 10:00 PM. The key is to create a habit that becomes second nature. Set your alarm for 5 minutes before the time you set to go to bed at. When the alarm goes off, wrap up in the next couple minutes what you are doing. Then head to the bedroom and get to bed.

At first, this is a little awkward. After all, who likes being interrupted? When you automate it with the alarm though, you begin to train your mind and after doing it for a few weeks, the alarm will be second nature. You’ll just automatically start heading to bed early. The key is this:

Just Do It – Hear Alarm, Go To Bed

Let’s recap:

  1. Get an alarm with a unique sound/tune for going to bed.
  2. Upon hearing sound, head to bed.
  3. Do not violate steps 1 and 2 or else you will become a bloodthirsty savage.

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4 thoughts on “How To Get To Bed On Time

  1. I can completely relate to the kid thing and feeling like my day is starting when they go to bed. I have tried the “going to bed early” thing, but I realize that my 3 alarm clocks will get me out of be in the morning more successfully than a manual alarm clock…It is 10:19 now, 2+ hours to 1am ;)

    1. Hi Super Frugalette, welcome to the site.

      I’ll admit, going to bed at 10 PM is often not ideal for me. I can do it, but I sacrifice the work I get done from 10 PM – 1 AM.

      Often it can be a trade-off. Sleep -vs- completed work. Thanks for sharing your story.

  2. It is 5am. I MUST stop this insanity. Two businesses and 2 babies…not to mention I’m a workaholic. Your whole concept of the ME time for parents was like a light for me. I am also habitually late despite the fact that I hate it. Going to try the alarm click technique. Thank you for this information.

    1. Felicia – thanks for your comment. You sound very driven and motivated to succeed. I know the feeling of being up late constantly. The ME time is the big factor for me as a parent.

      With a unique sounding alarm and acting on it immediately, you should find yourself going to bed at the designated time. Be sure to wind down a little before the alarm goes off or you’ll find your mind racing as you try to fall asleep.

      Best of luck to you :)

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