How To Be A Hot Nerd

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Jeremy Johnson 1 Jeremy Johnson 1 Jeremy Johnson 1

These are pictures taken by my awesome cousin Deborah!

Here is my beautiful wife – while 21 weeks pregnant with our daughter, Sienna (October, 2009). You can click it for a full view. What can I say, I love my wife!

Heidi Johnson, Wife of Jeremy Johnson

What do you think of the pictures up above? After you have finished reading, you will have some simple tools and strategies to not only be smarter, but also how to fit in with others and look good.

Be smart and show interest in others, not yourself

I have been blessed in my life with many things. That’s not to say that challenges haven’t crept up in my life and made things difficult. But it does mean I believe in myself. It does mean I am confident in all of my abilities, both physically and mentally. You can be confident AND smart too, wait, smarter – I’m not saying you aren’t smart.

Being too awkward or self conscious will turn people off. You will know you are awkward if when you meet someone of the opposite sex, they look surprised, amused, and slightly shake their head. Awkwardness comes from trying too hard to impress people. It is difficult to live a full and happy life when you are constantly striving to impress others through unconventional means.

Your first strategy right now is to stop trying to seek the approval of others and stop impressing others – no matter how cool you think you are. Stop talking about your life, and just sit back and listen. Listen to what others have to say first. Then listen more. Then talk about what the other person was talking about. Show interest in them!

A narcissist, or just proud?

Being proud of yourself is a good thing. I am proud of myself. This may sound arrogant, and some would argue that pride can get you in trouble. I believe the right kind of pride is a good thing. It gives you confidence and meaning. But you must use it in the right doses.

Being smart and intelligent is good

Your strategy here is to decide to be smarter. If you feel intellectually challenged, then simply say, “Well, I suppose I can at least decide to try and be smart.” This is a good start. There is a whole section on Brain Power that I am putting together for you to help you be smarter. Some of you are already so smart that you don’t need this. But if you don’t feel smart, my Brain Power section is a good place to start becoming smarter. After that, get curious. Curiosity is a great way to become smarter.

Keeping in shape and dressing well is good

Two strategies right now: decide to move around more and get help with your wardrobe. I’m serious, your strategy right now, especially if you are unfamiliar with exercise is to move more: park further away, get up in the morning and walk, take the stairs, walk more, do a few push ups, get excited about anything, and decide to be active. This is how you will start to get in shape, because you will take every opportunity to move more and get exercise.

The day I started wearing what my wife thought looked good on me is the day I felt like a hot nerd. It also didn’t hurt that she had a newfound vigor for me because of the new clothes. Guys, what you wear really matters (in most cases) – I know some of you could give a rats behind what you wear (me included). But if you want to generate good vibes with your wife, or the opposite sex in general, wear clothes that are flattering to you and not clothes that are just draped and hanging off of you.

What does your wardrobe look like? If you were like me many years ago, you wore sweat pants, and mommies Scooby Doo shorts that she made for you. Here’s a strategy for you, find your best dressed friend that is a girl and ask her what would look best on you. Don’t have a girl friend? Find a gay guy and make him your friend. Ask him what would look good on you. Then go out and get the clothes they say to. Don’t have either of those? Then this is your friend below:

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy

Learn to be quiet

Have you been talking to someone for over 10 minutes and been doing all the talking? Is the person just nodding their head, saying, “Uh huh”, “Yeah”, “Ok”, without getting any other words in? Chances are they aren’t listening to you anymore. You put people to sleep and make them dread talking to you when you ramble on and on about what you think is important. If you are speaking just to feel comfortable and good about situations and yourself, that’s a clue to stop. Listen to others and let them talk. Then when they are done talking, expound on what they said.

Be confident, but not cocky

A sprinkle of arrogance is okay. And it’s okay in the right doses – but don’t go overboard with it. A healthy dose of humility is an essential ingredient. I for one know that if all I do is sound like I’m a know it all, I will turn people off. If I add to what I say confidence, realism, humility, and showing that I am making a real effort to add value to others, then that variety will be a good mix.

Are you sure of yourself and where you are going in life? This is attractive to many women guys, whether you like it or not. Speak with clarity and certainty about that which you know, but don’t carry on for too long. I use this as my phrase, “I’m a smart, dedicated guy, who is a master of web development and really has a keen eye for helping people in their lives. I am an author and the creator of one of the top and most unique self help websites on the internet.”

What is your statement of certainty about your life?

Quick recap

  • You don’t need to look like a model. But you do need to start paying attention to the things you are doing and how you take care of yourself!
  • If you don’t feel smart, decide to be smart and read everything I have in Brain Power.
  • Start being energetic and get moving around. Walk, walk, walk.
  • Stop trying so hard to impress people.
  • Do a wardrobe audit. Find a girl who is a friend, a gay guy, or if neither of those work, go here.
  • Learn to let others talk.
  • Get confident and certain about your life.

There you have it folks, some simple things you can do right now to be a hot nerd. What do you think of this? What would you add? Do you know any hot nerds? I’d love to hear about them!

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14 thoughts on “How To Be A Hot Nerd

  1. ROFL – you look better than most nerds I will give you that. I had not thought about having my woman or a gay guy, lol, picking out my wardrobe. But if it really makes your woman like you more, I will try it. And yeah you sound arrogant in a good way though.

  2. Chris, you are funny – definitely try having your woman pick out some clothes for you. it was amazing doing this with my wife.

    And I try not to be too arrogant :)

  3. Nerds are smart, so as smart people they should be able to figure out that working out is their best investment in themselves… Therefore I’d say the only truly intelligent nerds are those who are fit… ironic huh?

    Nothing is hotter than confidence, not arrogance, but a person who is going after their goals with the utmost faith. Maybe it’s the whole idea of being a leader since most people want to follow… not sure.

    I hope I find a hot nerd wife someday!

  4. Hey Ryan – have enjoyed reading your blog. You make some awesome points – smart enough to know you need to workout and confidence not arrogance.

    I’ll definitely look to work on confidence more than arrogance – but a tiny bit of arrogance is one of the things in my list of many things to try and add to make my blog unique.

    Now I just need to use my brain to figure out how to make this a reply to your comment instead of a new comment :)

  5. If you’re using wordpress there’s a plugin called “wordpress thread comment”, which is what I use to respond to comments. You’re also going to want to add the “subscribe to comments” plugin so someone can be notified when you do respond otherwise they won’t really think to come back to the site.

    Hope that helps!

    1. Hey there, G. Lover. That’s a good question about the hair line. For me, I make sure to never cut the front of my hair, particularly on the sides of the front where there is the ‘crease’ to the side of the head. See my above pictures, particularly the one in the top left.

      So the front of my hair is long and I comb it such that it covers where my hair line is not quite what it used to be and it looks like my hair line is still fine. Hope that helps :)

      1. Jeremy, you’re making it sound like you have a combover–which you don’t!

        In my humble opinion, the best thing to do about a receding hairline is to “embrace” it and not try to cover it up too much. Most men with a receding hairline look better when they keep their hair short and not try to hide or make up for the changing hairline by growing their hair out long.

  6. I was a nerdy girl and it was pretty miserable, so when I realized that my son was destined to be a nerd, I told him the most powerful people in the world were probably nerds as kids, we all know that computer geeks rule!!!

    I said don’t wait for people to invite you in to their world, you go out and find people, you do the inviting. When you see some poor nerdy kid sitting alone in the cafeteria (Ugh – shudder!) go over there and introduce yourself. Reach out to other nerds, they will appreciate it.

    And when that boy graduated from high school and they called his name, the stands erupted in applause. He brought together so many people and made so many outsiders part of a community that it just brought a tear to my eye. Nerds are good, kind, smart, wonderful people who just need to work on their small talk and fashion sense. Great blog.

    1. HI Mary, you are so right about the most powerful people in the world being nerds as kids. I should go find some pictures of myself with my glasses when I was a child :)

      I totally agree with introducing yourself to the kids sitting by themselves in the cafeteria. They are bright and intelligent and the cultivation of their power will hopefully get them started on the path to the great things they can do much earlier than otherwise.

      I appreciate you stopping by Mary, you are welcome back anytime!

  7. This headline called my name when I saw your reply to one of Ryan’s post on Planting Dollars. I said to myself, “I gotta check that out!!”

    This is great information! I agree especially when you were talking about over impressing others. You want to be in the moment but there is a certain nervousness that we exude when we try to over impress. We should just be natural.

    Dressing is another thing that resonates with me. I think that we should always dress to impress. We always show others how to treat us and when we go around dressed like we don’t care about ourselves, then we give others permission to think the same of us!

    Rich information!
    .-= Jarrod@ Optimistic Journey´s last blog ..Got Validation? =-.

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