What I Can Do For You

Since I was about 6 years old (30 years ago as of writing this article), I’ve been fascinated like a kid by what makes life tick and learning things. I started programming computers and making games at that age with the help of my father and have been learning non-stop since. What I’ve realized is that life is a lot more enjoyable when you are engaged in it as opposed to sitting back passively and avoiding things.

Your biggest gain by listening to me will be the ability to be exposed to new thoughts, ideas, concepts, and actual teaching of skills to you so that you can be a life wizard – someone who has a command over life because of your extensive knowledge about people and the skills you possess to bring value to the world.

Here’s what I’ll be teaching in my videos:

  • Personal skillsĀ – happiness, fulfillment, confidence, meaning, purpose.
  • Technical skills – computers, programming, websites, databases, typing
  • Problem solving – analyzing, dissecting, critical thinking, conclusions

These primary areas are what drive a life wizard and will allow you to learn, grow, and have a life of abundance. It’s your ability to use the skills you have and pick up on new skills that will propel you to the life you’ve always wanted. That’s what I teach and can do for you.

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