Farewell Robin Williams

Comedian and actor Robin Williams died today at age 63, of an apparent suicide by asphyxiation. This is such sad news… I don’t have words. He influenced me the most in the movie, Good Will Hunting, in many memorable scenes, which I will put here below. I don’t know what to say. I’m battling some things in my life right now. Life is so short – so very short. There are things in it that if you find, you should hold onto because they are special – because death can come all too soon. That is my lesson learned today…

Robin Williams on the park bench – Good Will Hunting

Robin Williams, no regrets – Good Will Hunting

Robin Williams, soul mate who challenges you – Good Will Hunting

Robin Williams, it’s not your fault – Good Will Hunting

Robin Williams, son of a bitch stole my line – Good Will Hunting

If anything else, he’s left a legacy with his ability to act and share his humor with the world. Once again, I’m reminded today how short life is and how we never know how much time we have with people we care about and love. You just never know when life will take them from you…

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