Feeling a Void

Sail BoatToday is kind of hard to describe – as I share my experiences with all of you, I think I’d describe today as feeling a void inside of me – like there is a missing part of me that is gone today. Like a ship was coming home, but decided to then voyage out at sea for a while. This might not make a lot of sense, but I thought I would share it.

I think we each feel things that are important to us and for me today, I feel a void like someone cut the power to the TV if that makes sense. Perhaps it’s nothing, but nevertheless, I feel it very strong today. It’s sort of like the Howling experience I had in early March. I have shed many tears for many hours today and I know the feeling I have is very real. The real man feels every emotion and doesn’t run from his tears.

Could I be creating this all in my head? Who is to say? What I’ve discovered this year is a feeling so profound and it has never died down. Time seems to have no claim on this bond. I posted an appropriate picture for what has been going through my head. I feel lots of sailing having happened the last week or so.

I don’t know what else to say… Such a deep profound care and love that is beyond my comprehension.

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