Getting Some Performance

It’s kind of ironic that I work doing website performance as a manager at work for my day job and my website here is hideously slow most of the time. I mean hideously slow… To that end, I’m getting a dedicated server (much more pricier). While I do this, I’ll be backing up everything and switching DNS and a bunch of other techno-babble, and new writings will be on hold for a bit until then, but don’t fret, in the end, it’ll make this website and my future projects much faster, which will make you and I much happier, like this little rabbit here:




I just switched to my new dedicated server. It has 32 GB of RAM, some major CPU, fast hard disk, and lots of other cool techno-babble like stuff on it. I’ve cruised around my site a little bit and it loads freakin’ fast! I hope this performance improvement makes for a much more rich and rewarding experience as I will continue to write about my life personally for you.

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