Lisa Irby, Web Wizard

Lisa Irby
image via a video from Lisa

I am excited to announce the first member of the wizard club, and that is Lisa Irby. Lisa Irby specializes in creating informational websites with a focus in helping people create websites and blogs. She gives information and video that assist people in getting visitors to their website (traffic) and the ways to profit (make money) from online websites.

I’m going to share first what she has accomplished – which is a great deal. Next time, I will share how she got to where she is and the great potential she still has.

Why did I choose Lisa?

First, she meets all my wizardly criteria. That is she has shown intelligence, success in many areas, and a genuine interest in helping others. Not only that, she has an immense amount of information, video, and tutorials amongst the many websites which she currently maintains today. I have benefited from her tutelage. I am by no means making tons of money right now – however, I feel am getting close to that ‘sweet spot’ where I know I am on the right track and in time will see the fruits of my labor.

What specifically does Lisa do?

Let me explain this to you through her many informational and social networking websites. She will have a few sites that I do not list because they are either personal, I have not found them yet, or are not relevant to showing her skill as a wizard.


This is Lisa’s ‘flagship’ website. She’s had it since January 2002. She uses it to help beginner’s learn to create websites and blogs. She provides information covering how to get your domain name, find a web host, build your website, get traffic, and make money from your website. Lisa refers to herself as an ‘affiliate marketer’ – that is someone who promotes and sells other people’s products – and making a portion of the sale when a website visitor buys the product.

2CreateAWebsite Blog

This is the ‘side kick’ to Lisa’s 2CreateAWebsite. She updates about once a week with helpful information for those looking to create websites, or for those who already have websites and are needing advice for taking their website further with traffic and making money. Lately she’s been doing video reviews of other websites which have succeeded in driving high amounts of traffic (around the top 5% in the world).

Website Babble

This is a forum that Lisa created. A forum is basically an online community where people can talk to each other through ‘posting’ to various topics and what other members of the forum have posted. The forum covers topics from affiliate marketing (selling other people’s products), beginner’s programming help, building traffic, and making money.


This is one of Lisa’s more recent websites. She created it as a response to a need she saw for people to slow down and stop rushing into creating their websites without a plan or strategy. She covers brainstorming, copyright, taxes, how to get paid, amongst other things.

Flat Stomach Exercises

This is one of Lisa’s ‘off topic’ websites. She created it using one of the products she sells via affiliate marketing, Site Build It. It is a website that focuses on ways to get a flat stomach, while also adding information about healthy eating, having a good attitude, and getting a flat stomach for the right reasons.

Lisa’s social networking sites

Why does any of this matter for you?

That’s the million dollar question isn’t it? And the real magic of it is what I will share in my next article about her. So stay tuned, you won’t want to miss the insights into how Lisa got to where she is and the amount of exposure, income, and potential that Lisa Irby has – and why this is a good thing for all of you reading.

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