The Pause

Learn to pause when things are too much. Take a break and stop what you are doing. That’s a big┬álesson for me. I’m so compulsive and irrational sometimes, but I really care about people. I sensed ‘fear’ in one today and I realize I am a source of fear for that person like they’re weary of something I might say or do here on my website. All I can say is that all my intentions come from a place of care, love, and support. But who knows what really is – I’m just one guy trying to figure life out :).

Now, as I write about my own rock-bottom situation, I feel devastated at the carnage I’ve caused people. The pause is what is coming to my mind. The pause is needed to really think hard about some things and that perhaps, some good will come from all that has happened this year. I believe the pause and taking a day away from writing will help me clear my head and help right the ship again toward what its path is.

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