Updating My About Me

It’s April 1st! And I decided to take the day off from work today to focus on updating my about me page :) The contents of this blog entry will be put in my about me page, but I wanted to update it here first. Let me start:

Hi! I’m Jeremy Noel Johnson and at my core, I am someone who loves life and what each new day brings – whether or not that is something that feels good or not :) I am an adventurer and explorer who loves to try new things. I have a LOT of empathy for other people and their struggles in life. I am very loyal to and appreciate the close friends and connections I have in my life. I confess to being imperfect and a mistake-maker, but at my core, I love people and really appreciate those who are close to me in my life.

I was born and raised in Kalamazoo, MI. I am the second youngest in my family. As a young child, I was diagnosed with Autism. Somehow, with help from those around me and teachers, I became a “normal” child, if you can call me that :) Growing up, I learned to program BASIC on a computer at around age 8 and have loved all things technology since then. I even made a few of my own computer games as a young boy, but I remember the code being very sloppy and spaghetti-like :) I have a twin brother, Jeff, who is a wizard when it comes to the computer.

As I got older, I found that I LOVED to play basketball, run, and do anything sports related. Anything that keeps me active is good – working out, rock climbing, you name it :) I played basketball in junior high and on the high school varsity team up until my senior year. I did pretty well and developed a nice jump shot and learned to love passing to other players.

After that, I lived in Utah for a year and then went on an LDS mission for two years to Ireland. It was a growing experience that helped me learn to live on my own. I then traveled out to Utah to go to school at Utah Valley State College (now known as Utah Valley University). I got a degree in Information Technology and have been working in software ever since 2004 :) My specialties include HTML, CSS, C#, ASP.NET, MVC, Javascript, Jquery, AJAX, SQL, SQL Server, MySql, and PHP. I have started to delve into mobile application development too. I love what technology can do and in the world today, it is such a valuable skill!

Since 2014, I’ve developed a love for nature and the outdoors too! We have such an amazing world we live in and so many places to go and see. I want to travel around and see them all! I’m also an avid writer and wrote a book called Eglathia and have another book in the works :) Writings has a way of helping me organize my thoughts. For the moment, I am working to do the best I can at my day job where I work as a software development manager for a team of people doing website performance.

Here’s some pictures.

Here’s a picture from Ireland while I was there, sometime in the first six months of my mission, in late 1997 :)

Jeremy Ireland

This is me flying on a plane in the summer of 2013 (at age 35). I’m a firm believer in being an adventurer in life and trying new things. I’m not afraid to explore the unknown. In the case of the picture below, I asked the flight attendant for a couple more bags of peanuts because I really liked them! And guess what? They gave me ALL the rest of them!

Jeremy Holding Some Peanuts

Below is me doing a photo shoot with my cousin Deborah back in 2009. I still wear these same clothes. Come to think of it, I wear stuff from over 10 years ago still :)

Jeremy Sitting

Here is me horseback riding in Oahu, Hawaii. I REALLY want to go back some day and do that again :)





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