Visions of the Future

I just had… an interesting experience. While getting ready to log off my computer tonight, I had a flash inside my head and a vision of the future for me. I’m in a room with many chairs and people in them and I’m up in front wearing a really nice suit. I have assistants helping me, and I’m speaking to very high-end clientele. Corporate executives, athletes, celebrities, people who have money for an event like this.

I’m walking around and I have some serious swagger. I’m sharing words of hope, inspiration, and knowledge with them, and working with individuals in the audience as they share their particular situation. I have a white board up front as well.

I’m not sure why this image flashed in my head, however, I don’t think anything is by chance. I do know that I want to do live events like this. I want to stand in front of people and inspire them and lead them. I know that people from all walks of life are looking for someone – a leader – to help direct them with all the chaos and challenges that life has to offer. I believe my gift is sharing words of hope, inspiration, and knowledge to help with that.

One day, this would be cool. I can certainly give it my best and see where I end up :).

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