What Should My Niche Website Be About?

I’ve spent the last couple hours tonight wrestling with what I should do my next website about. I’m being very careful to actually plan and consciously choose what this site is about. But I am definitely wracking my brain with what I think I should do. It needs to be something I’m interested in doing long term. I’m even fine if it’s something that gets sold eventually and I cease to work on. But my goal is to make something I stay active on for a few years and that I plan and use a strategy for. Here’s a poll. I’d love your vote on what you think I should do. Lots of Karma and dreams of fluffy chocolate bunnies will come your way if you vote :)

Here’s a description of the options:

  • Computer Games (I love computer games of all kinds, especially role-playing games).
  • Magic (Secretly I want to be a wizard. But there’s hundreds of spells I already have in my mind).
  • Fantasy Creatures (I love dungeons and dragons and role playing games that have fantasy creatures).
  • Basketball (Everything about the game and key insights – maybe a beginner’s guide for handling men who like sport for women, LOL).
  • Living a financially abundant life (The quest to have enough money to do what I want whenever I want).
  • Overcoming shyness (From a young sweaty hand kid to a somewhat old, somewhat sweaty hand man).
  • Computers (Everything about computers you wanted to know and then some, lol).
  • Advancing at your day job (What I’m doing and successes and failure to make something of my day job).
  • Investing (Making money with dividend stocks in paticular).
  • Future Technology (What is really out there that is cool. What is coming).
  • Anti-aging (The quest to live to 200 and what to do).
  • Trying to be a best selling author (my first book and future books).
  • Sex (I’m a guy, what can I say).
  • Courage (Courage exercises and reporting on their results).
  • Traveling (Talking about places I’ve been and am going).
  • Cats (we have 4, need I say more).
  • Making and developing mobile games, along with reviews of existing games.
  • Typing on the computer (how to type fast and performing at different typing games).
  • Specific computer/video game guides (Ultima, Starcraft, etc…).
  • Weapons. Of all kinds, but starting with the one’s I have in my home (like my Cutco knives).

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4 thoughts on “What Should My Niche Website Be About?

  1. I picked 2. Making and developing video games sounds like a really good niche. I hear people going into it, but for the most part I am clueless about it. I don’t see a lot of comprehensive guides about that (or maybe I haven’t looked hard enough. I wouldn’t focus on programming since you can easily hire someone for that. I would focus more on how to plan and set up a design, as well as how to market it.

    Becoming a best selling author, especially self-published is also good. I see a lot of people trying to sell their self-published books but they do an awful job at it, it seems.

    Most of the others sound either oversaturated or they sound very, very niche. What do the statistics say about demand?

    1. Thanks for your feedback Valerie. That does interest me – the steps to actually market and sell the games Jeff and I are making. I do also like being a successful self published author as a niche website idea.

      I have to admit, I think it’d be fun to do a website about weapons, including the one’s we have in our house like Cutco knives, baseball bat, rolling pin, Lysol spray, and even our kitty litter (which smells bad) :)

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