Middle Class Apathy

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The purpose of this article is to address the comfortable living that being middle class can provide. With the basic comforts of life taken care of, what is the reason to seek a high level of wealth, influence, and legacy?

What Is

I must admit that I am comfortable right now. I have a good job that pays well. I have a super wife and kids. I have the basic necessities of life taken care of. I can even afford a few extra things beyond the basic necessities. I’ve been able to advance at work. I’m creating websites and doing a little bit of public speaking. I have a book I am in the process of finishing. Life certainly has given me opportunities and afforded me comforts.

However, there is a dictator to all this. As I think about going to work for a full day and earning my keep, I realize that there is no real urgent driving force once my daily duties at work are taken care of. So long as I maintain my efforts there and don’t get fired, laid off, and the company stays in business, my family will be provided for, and the needs of life will be taken care of. The company is doing well right now and I’ve been able to make good headway with advancement and notoriety in the company, so the chances of me losing my job in any way seem to be slim right now.

The Problem

This leads me to take a deeper look at the situation I’m in. Because work is going well. Because I am comfortable, does that prevent me from utilizing my potential as best I could? If I were unemployed right now and my family was in danger of starving, would that light a fire that would create a progress that far surpasses what I am doing right now? This is the kind of stuff that I think about. I’m sincerely interested in making a large scale difference. But if I am comfortable, surely there are others out there who aren’t comfortable and are putting in more effort than me right?

Or maybe the problem isn’t really a problem. Perhaps I am doing a great job and reaching my maximum potential right now. Perhaps a good paying job, my extra projects, and a good family life is the maximum I am capable of. That has certainly crossed my mind as well. I even ask myself, why should I care about creating a business or writing a book. Why not just be happy with what I’ve got. I think I am happy with what I have. I am in good health and as I said before, life has taken care of keeping me comfortable and well taken care of, both financially, and with a good wife and children.

The Reason To Solve The Problem

The reason to do more. This video from the Matrix trilogy is the best example I can find of to overcome the apathy that would prevent me from being more than middle class. I still have the choice to pursue, grow, learn, and do more than I currently am. Why shouldn’t I? I have the ability to try, so it makes sense that I should do so. I am sure there are many in situations where they don’t have the opportunity to try – whether it be living conditions, or country lived in. Because I have the opportunity to do so without restriction, then I must. Even if it means working a ‘part-time’ job with an extra five hours a day doing my own work.

If you are reading this right now, then you probably have the option to choose in your life. You can choose to stay comfortable. You can choose to be a slave to stagnant routine. That is certainly your right to do so. Another choice is available. It is the choice to extend your capabilities and reach as far as you possibly can. What makes sense to you? What do you choose to do? What will either choice mean to your existence?

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3 thoughts on “Middle Class Apathy

  1. Thank You Jeremy Thus is an eye-opening post. I think one other reason to push myself forward everyday is realizing that ‘everyday is not the same.’ There might be a sense of routine such as brushing my teeth, taking care of the kids, cooking, etc.. The inherent power of the “NOW” moment is changed when you begin to ponder of the shortness of life.

    When you live with integrity, love, and gratitude for what you do it opens up ALL possibilities and potential.

    By embracing your unique potential, Life then becomes to move forward.
    Be Open to what unfolds in front of you everyday.

    Then Life becomes a Joy.

    A dance

    An Art

    A Miracle

    Marci Shimoff book “Happy for No Reason” mentions great conductor Arturo Toscanini son was asked, “What did Arturo ranked as his most important achievement” His son Walter said, “For my father there can be no such thing. Whatever he happens to be doing at the moment is the BIGGEST thing in his life–whether it’s conducting a symphony or peeling an orange.” What a GREAT WAY to LIVE!!!!

  2. Hi Therese – the biggest thing I take away from what you said is to seek to enjoy each and every moment. Whether it is peeling an orange, or doing something grand. Each moment is precious.

    You are doing a great job Therese and I appreciate your words of encouragement. Life really is short and I know I need to work on enjoying each moment more.

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