A Second Child Is Born, Sienna

It is 10:44 PM (MST) and I witnessed the birth of our 2nd child, a daughter, Sienna Michelle Johnson. I am humbled at having another to provide and take care of and will continue to push myself to provide, inspire, and nurture my family. Prediction # 1 from my list of bold predictions has now come true :) One of many predictions which shall happen – are you ready to join me for the wild ride?

Pictures (What You Really Want To See) :)

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Jeremy, Heidi, and Sienna

Heidi, and Sienna

Sienna, the new little one!

Sure, there are no guarantees in life. But I knew this was going to happen and predicted it – “Easy enough” some of you might be saying. But our little girl Sienna has no idea the opportunities she will have in her life. It is my privilege to serve our family and provide for them a future that will exceed their expectations. Those of you who are parents and experience child birth into a loving home, the experience is quite unlike any other.

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