3 Easy To Get Foods For Healthy Hunger Pains

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The wizard wants to fill you in on some magical foods for getting rid of those blasted hunger pains. You are at work and your stomach sounds like a thunderstorm. Or it’s late in the evening and you are fighting the urge to have those cookies. Here are three very healthy – and very tasty snack foods that will make those hunger pains dissapear and give you energy and health! By the end, you should know where to get these three foods and when good times to eat them are.

Apples and baby carrots with organic peanut butter

Those are fresh apples there. They are easy to get. How do you get them? You go to Walmart, or whatever local convenience store is near you and buy them – they are generally on the outside aisles of the store with the other fresh fruit. Or you plant an apple tree and grow them. Or you find someone who has an apple tree and ask for some. Fresh apples have loads of nutrients. Apples
Baby carrots are a great snack food! But even other types of carrots will work. However, I find baby carrots to be the easiest to snack on. With the apples and now carrots, you’ve got a fruit and a vegetable covered, and all with just a snack! Carrots of course have Vitamin C, which helps your vision and other valuable nutrients. Get them at your local convenience store or grow them, whatever works for you. Baby carrots
Organic peanut butter is the secret weapon! Some of you might not like snacking on apples and carrots plain. Fine, fine. The wizard has a special enhancer for you. It is organic peanut butter. Just dip some of your apple or carrot into this peanut butter here and watch the taste skyrocket. Organic peanut butter has plenty of protein and other healthy benefits and is much better than your standard processed peanut butter. This stuff is at your local convenience store as well, usually somewhat in from the outer aisles, in the food section. It must say “Organic” on the label! Kirkland organic peanut butter

Detailed nutrition information

For those of you wanting more than just, “Hey, this food has nutrition in it, eat it,” these foods have many essential Vitamins in them. They also contain Fiber, which helps with your digestive system. They contain Potassium, which helps with getting rid of your belly. The organic peanut butter particularly has Protein, which helps build and repair tissue in your body.

If you still want more nutrition information then I suggest you visit a site like Health Castle, where you can get more in-depth information. After all, I am not a nutritionist. I just know what healthy foods are and have been able to live a healthy life.

It’s snacking time!

You’ve got those hunger pains and it’s time to snack! Reach for the apple, carrots, and organic peanut butter. Dip them in that peanut butter and those pains should be conquered in no time. Take them to work in a bag so they are readily available. Keep them in the front of your fridge so you grab them first.

You now know some foods to combat your hunger pains. And they are healthy and energizing too! You also know two times to watch for – when you are at work and haven’t eaten for a few hours, or late at night when you have the munchies. Your strategy is to acquire apples, carrots, and organic peanut butter. The peanut butter will cost a little extra – but that is ok. Then eat them as a healthy snack when the hunger pains begin. Take them to work with you each day. What do you think about apples, carrots, and organic peanut butter as a snack food? I for one especially love organic peanut butter. Have any of you had it? How many of you get hunger pains? What have you tried to deal with them?

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