How To Get Rid Of Your Headache In Two Easy Steps

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Your head is pounding and you reach for the pills. What if there was a natural way you could help relieve your headache – and what was needed was available right now? Would you at least give it a try? I’m going to share with you two techniques that have helped me greatly with headaches. By the end, you should clearly know two easy techniques to relieve that headache before you try reaching for those pills.

Breathe in deeply, hold it, release

How do you breathe right now? When you breathe in, is it a quick breath followed by a quick exhale? Chances are, you are not getting enough oxygen in your body and are not releasing enough toxins when you breathe out. Oxygen is the life of the human body. You stop breathing, you die. So it stands to reason that the more oxygen you breathe in, the more life you will have. You don’t need to be a medical doctor to understand that.

Try this breathing exercise. It is simple and easy to do wherever you are. Breathe in through your nose as deeply as possible. Really take a deep breath, until you are no longer able to breathe in. You may feel light headed temporarily while you do this. Hold the breath for a few seconds. Then puff out your cheeks with the air and slowly release the air out of your mouth. This will help release toxins in your body. It should take you about eight seconds to release all the air. Once you do that, repeat over and over, 10 times.

You are now giving your body more oxygen. The oxygen travels through your blood and will give you more life. The slow breathing out will release more toxins. Just doing the breathing was enough to help my headache go away after 10 minutes of breathing. And I had a whopper of a headache after having surgery. It literally felt like a monkey with cymbals was inside my head crashing them together.

Healthy tip – eat a banana for the high Potassium for even greater health.

Drink water until your urine is completely clear

When you use the bathroom, what does your urine look like? Chances are, it is very yellow. Water is another essential ingredient. Were you taught that the human body water percentage was some large percent, like 75% or more? If this is true, it stands to reason that water is essential for having a body full of life.

Clear urine means your body is able to get rid of excess water. This is a good sign. It means you are getting plenty of water. If your urine moves towards pure yellow, it means your body does not have that extra water (or in some cases it is Vitamin C) – but usually it means you need to hydrate. Guzzle water or Gatorade until your urine is clear. Seriously, keep drinking – whether this is small amounts every minute or just guzzling a whole glass at once, drink! I like to drink until I have to urinate.

For your safety, do not breathe in deeply if you are passing out. Pace yourself. Do not drink more than half your body weight in ounces per day either – you can over drink and get sick.

My experience

I had a nasty kidney stone around September 2009. It ended up requiring surgery to be taken out. One of the reasons for this was a lack of hydration, which allowed buildup of deposits in my kidney, creating the stone. Hydration is a key element to preventing kidney stones as it flushes and cleans out your system. Trust me – you don’t want a kidney stone – worst pain I’ve EVER felt!

I had a bad headache right after my spine surgery (lumbar discectomy) in January, 2010. Both deep breathing and immense hydration helped me get rid of my headaches. You can get rid of your headache too – just try the above two techniques. The breathing only takes a few minutes at a time and can be done while you are sitting, or laying down. Drinking water requires just a little extra attention and some extra bathroom visits, but it is so very worth it.

Recommended solutions

Below are a two solutions to breathing and keeping water on hand. They are definitely not necessary, but if you find you have trouble breathing in deeply, your lung strength may need a boost. And I find that having a large container of water is nice because drinking half my body weight in ounces now would require many trips for refills with just a bottle.

This is a simple breathing device that will help you with deep breaths.
This is a large drinking container that you can keep by your desk at work.

How often do you focus on your breathing and hydration? Do you believe that these two techniques will help you get rid of your headache? Your strategy is to breathe in and out deeply five or more times a day at your choosing. You should also use some kind of giant water container that you keep with you so you drink often. You now have the strategies. Use them and share with me any additional thoughts/experiences you may have.

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  2. Man, headache for an hour. Have them time to time and just decided to look online for breathing exercise to help and found this page. Thanks for the info, helped, about to go load up on H2O as well. Peace!

  3. Urine is not yellow because the excess of water. It is yellow because you do not drink water enough so the impurities that the kidney cleans are more concentrated. That is pretty bad.

  4. I’ve had a horrible headache for 12 hours now and I tried everything I could think of to get rid of it in a natural way: drink a lot, sleep, eat, relax. Nothing worked.

    Your breathing technique did! I can still slightly feel it, but it’s barely noticable.

    Thanks a lot for sharing!

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