How To Make Green Tea Taste Good

Green TeaAfter two days straight of nearly heaving my green tea back up and in the sink, I knew something needed to be done. “Green tea is healthy, but it shouldn’t be such a nightmare when it comes time to drink it,” I thought. Then I pictured in my mind what a real wizard might do in this situation. I saw said wizard adding an additional ingredient. Then it came to me.

Just add milk

I put the tea pouch in a cup and only filled half of it with hot water. Then I let it sit for 10 minutes while I did other things. I then took a milk jug and poured some 2% milk until the cup was almost full – leaving room for me to pick it up and not have the green tea spill over the sides, which would further add to the nightmare.

I paused, wishing mightily not to gag again. I sipped it. I then began guzzling. Swallow after swallow, it went down. I finished all of it and put my cup down. I waited. There was a small after taste – resembling a fraction of the blight I had before. The tea was in my system, ready to be added as nutrients to my body! Did it taste great? No. Did it taste GOOD enough? Yes!

UPDATE! It was brought to my attention that milk may alter the green tea’s effectiveness a small amount if used in large amounts, which Amazing Green Tea explains. So just put a little in and if you really want to be certain, use soya milk. Thanks for the wife for checking up on this. Good to know I’m human :)

UPDATE! Use chocolate milk for even more improved taste. Use soya milk. Use a little bit of honey. All these things will go a long way toward making your green tea taste good.

What do you do?

What do you do when you drink green tea? If you don’t drink it, please explain why. It provides tremendous nutritional value and adds energy to the body. I have over 20 packets of ‘generic’ flavored green tea that I don’t have to give away now. Would some of you just drink another flavor and solve it that way? Or add some ice cream?

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30 thoughts on “How To Make Green Tea Taste Good

  1. Does adding milk alter green tea’s efficacy? For example, I know that you’re not supposed to drink milk with iron supplements because it prevents your body from absorbing the iron. Does something like this happen with green tea or does the milk not change how your body absorbs the nutrients? You might want to Google that to make sure…

  2. Picky picky picky :)
    Ok, I researched it at:

    They showed a few studies and it looks like there is a minor chance that could happen. The best they could say was to use soya milk
    ( ).
    They gave a scientific reason for it if you want to read the article.

    Personally, I think regular milk is ok if you don’t drown your cup in it. I poured less than half a cup in. However, I’ll update the article to reflect this new information.

  3. I agree – it is odd that milk would decrease the benefit of green tea. I’m not sure I buy any argument against milk in green tea – and because it helped me guzzle it down without a bad reaction, I think I’m going to stick with it. Hmm, swallow the whole packet. That seems like one of those challenges that someone would say, “Hey, I’ll give you twenty bucks if you do this…” maybe if my wife offered me a free massage every day for a week. Wait, she’s going to read this comment…

  4. I may be the odd (wo)man out here, but I actually have no problem downing green tea as is. Not that I think it tastes amazing by itself or anything… but just because it kinda comes with the territory, I guess. I never thought there were options so I got used to the taste. I’d actually try it with a dash of milk next time I have some just to see what it tastes like.

    1. Oh man, I envy your green tea drinking ability Valerie. My wife bought some chocolate milk yesterday and I think I’m going to try a dash of that today with my green tea and see how it goes. It’s kind of fun to experiment like this, it could taste great, or it could be worse (shudders).

  5. I add a touch of honey. I also find Jasmine Green Tea to be less “earthy” that standard green tea so it goes down easier. Finally, try steeping it strong, and then mixing it with a low acid juice or sweetened ice tea to just guzzle it down. If you steep an entire pot, the catechins and antioxidants will remain stable and healthy for up to 12 hours after steeping, so make one pot and mix it with juice throughout the day!

  6. I used to drink green tea with a bit of sugar and a splash of milk. I know the sugar wasn’t healthy, but I suppose it was an improvement over the iced tea and soda I was used to having! Putting some honey in sounds like a good plan.

  7. Add a teaspoon or so of whole table cream. Makes it tasty. I hate the normal flavor of green tea, but by doing this I not only like it, but I managed to get two picky teenagers to drink the stuff.

  8. I just bought a large box of green tea today. As soon as I made it I took a sip and I knew I had to do something to improve the taste. My mother buys this concentrated sweet black tea i just poured a very small amount and a bit of honey. And now the tea is totally drinkable !

  9. I’d like to know a paleo version of this, I don’t really want to rely on honey, as I like drinking tea all the time, but I hadn’t been able to in a while because most of the additives used in my town (sweet tea with lots of sugar or sweetners) isn’t paleo, and I can’t find anything that doesn’t rely on honey.

    I’d like to know what fruits would be good sweetners. I already know coconut milk tastes good with black tea. A little orange juice, and it’s perfect.

    But then again, I like the taste of plain black tea and coffee, but all the same, I’d like to have something that I could use if I want some sweetend tea.

  10. hi, i have many tea bags of green tea at home, that i bought it last year..untill now it never finished because it doesnt taste good when i make it …so can you tell me what is the best solution to make the great taste of my green tea? … :) hope u will help.. :))

  11. I add freshly sqeezed lemon juice and some sugar. I am going to replace the sugar with honey tonight and see how that works :D

  12. I just did this a few mins ago and it was so yummy!!! Add just a few drops of vanilla extract, a dash or two of cinnamon, a tablespoon of honey (not that unhealthy), and a splash of milk. Delicious. And pretty healthy still I think.

  13. I just stumbled upon your website while looking for an answer to how to like green tea. I realized that adding lemon isn’t that bad. at least i didn’t vomit like i did the last time

    1. Lol… u serious? Vomit?
      Why so? I thnk u should thnk about the improvmnt it will make in your life, dont thnk about the tast while drinking.
      Do like me, do NOT breath while drinking. THE BEST IN ALL :)
      GUD LUCK.

  14. I know one thing that might solve a lot of the taste issue for you instantly – steep it for waaaay less time. Most tea blenders recommend steeping green tea for 1-2 minutes before removing the bag. At anywhere past two minutes it starts to acquire a bitterness that indeed makes it pretty gross to drink. If you steep it less, it should have a really mild and fresh taste, and if you decide you want it stronger, steep multiple tea bags for 1-2 minutes rather than steeping one for longer. I used to wonder why the tea I made was so unpleasant as well, and it took me a little research to determine that this was my mistake. Good luck!

    1. Lauren is right. I tried green tea a while back, and it was nasty, so i never had any again. But a friend told me recently that it was because i let it steep for far too long. She only puts the teabag in for a few seconds – just enough to let the water go light green – and then takes it right out again. I tried that, and it’s really nice. Green tea and pomegranate is nice. Twinings have a really nice range of green tea, with lots of different flavours ^_^

  15. Lemon juice is great in green tea and some studies have shown that citrus juice,lemon juice more so than others, actually enhances the health benefits of green tea! How great!

  16. Better late than never, hot water – NOT boiled, a tea spoon of loose organic fair-trade green tea, hold it for 3-5 minutes or until yellow – then take it out. Drink without sweeteners.

  17. I find that it is easier to drink and less acidic if you
    make the tea with double the amount of water. It dilutes the “green” flavor. It also makes a good refreshing ice tea
    this way.

  18. I find that it is easier to drink and less acidic if you
    make the tea with double the amount of water. It dilutes the “green” flavor. It also makes a good refreshing ice tea this way.

  19. Hi jeremy Johnson,

    I have srated drinking green tea week before. At the moment, I am using green tea leaves and not tea bag.I boil the water,add green tea leaves, fresh lime & a spoon of honey.Keep it for 1 or 2 min.Rinse it in a cup & drink it sip by sip. I enjoy it.

    sir, can u explain what are the benifits of green tea , How it helps to the health system ?

    Is it good to add milk to improve on test front ? Can i add 1/2 tee spoon of choclate milk powder ?

    I am 67 at the moment.I will appreciate your advice at the earliest.Thanks in Anticipation

    Randip chopra ,Mumbai, India

  20. I suggest boiling slices of fresh ginger and keeping in frig, then adding to green tea with some lemon juice and honey as well

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