I Love Running

I love running. You’d think something so basic as just moving your body from one point to another would be boring and mundane. It’s not for me :). Each step is exercising my body, gives me vitality, and allows me to think and listen to music. If you also happen to get the chance to run with someone, side by side, and your steps are completely in sync, there’s nothing quite like that either.

Running to Work up a Sweat

Jeremy That’s me taking a quick pause while┬árunning during lunch today. I got really sweaty! But it was fun to try and hold my phone just right and take a picture of it! I love running because I know it is making my body work and I have to push myself for that to happen. I also like the feeling after a long run and feeling the sweat drip and knowing I put in good work. Running and working up a sweat is just an awesome feeling.

Running to Boost Stamina

Running gives great stamina if you do it regularly. For my job during the day, I have to be on top of my game. It doesn’t do me much good if I can’t handle the pressure of performing. Therefore, running gives me a lot of stamina. This stamina also carries over to when I play basketball.

And I’m pleased to say I’ve gone back to playing basketball a few times since hurting my shoulder. I’ve loved it so much! And I credit being able to just start playing again after 8 months without much trouble to running during those months. Running takes effort, but the reward is stamina to face life.

Running to Enjoy Scenery

If you look at that picture, I’m taking a run on a trail which has trees, mountains, and paths along the way. It’s very peaceful and allows me to have time – solitary time to just myself. I’ve grown to really value this time over the course of the year and it has become a staple of me being able to harness the new-found energy, love, care, and desire within me that was discovered this year.

Just Run Then

So why not just get a pair of running shoes and give it a go – even if you run for just 30 seconds. It is amazing what moving your body will do for your confidence, health, and ability to process the situations life decides to present to you. I can’t make you run, but I can go out and do it myself :). Here’s to many more years of being able to run and stay in good shape!

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