P90X Gave This Web Developer In A Cubicle The Dream Body With Six Pack Abs

(April 2009)

What P90X has Done

First and foremost, I never tire of viewing the above picture of myself. And not because I’m obsessed with myself (well ok, maybe a little!). Really it is a reminder to me of the massive change I experienced when I made a decision to supercharge my body. P90X created a lifestyle change for me and the standards I have for my physical body.

And the great part is that I am a web developer for an internet company during the day, sitting my butt in a cubicle, doing nerdy work that would make the most stout person keel over trying to understand.

P90X makes understanding exercise fun and easy. Sometimes ‘exercising’ can be a pretty scary word, especially if you don’t know how to do it. Thankfully P90X is a breath of fresh air as the creator, Tony Horton, gives step by step instructions. The workouts are by no means easy to do – but they are easy to follow and you can pause it at any time.

What do you get and how do you do it?

Visit Beachbody’s official site and they can tell you everything you get. To sum it up though, you get the workout DVDs, an introduction DVD, nutrition guide, and workout calendar. All exercise equipment must be purchased separately. Thankfully, you don’t need much. In fact, you can get by with some exercise bands and a door pull up bar for starting.

To do P90X, you just need some space in a room with a device to watch DVDs. That’s it! While I did P90X for the first 90 days, I was in my family room, jumping around, doing push-ups, and everything else on the DVDs. When it came time for pull-ups, I quickly ran down the hall to my door pull up bar. You just need some space to move and jump around a litltle. These are the basic starting requirements (besides needing to be relatively fit already).

If I Can, Anyone Can!

I work a sedentary job in a cubicle on a computer all day. Yet I was still able to use P90X to get my body in tip top shape. I know that if I can do this – with a desk job, and a family with two kids, that you can too. You just need to get started and begin building momentum. The momentum is where most people fall short. Building momentum exercising just takes a couple weeks. Then it becomes natural!

Beachbody also offers the Power 90 program. This is a toned down version of P90X and people who are beginners to exercising might want to start there. If time is a concern, don’t fret. Beachbody has the 10 minute trainer program designed to give you as great a workout as you can in as short a time as possible.

I love P90X and Beachbody!. Thanks for stopping by!

I firmly believe that Beachbody offers quality products that can increase your health and physical body, creating a lifestyle change that will give you the energy and drive to start taking action and making progress on the things you know you want to do in your life. I am listing the three products I recommend below for your convenience. Thanks for stopping by!

Studs and studettes: What workout routine do you use? What time of day do you exercise? Do you exercise?

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16 thoughts on “P90X Gave This Web Developer In A Cubicle The Dream Body With Six Pack Abs

  1. What a great site about P90X. I absolutely love reading about REAL people who have experienced great results with a HOME fitness program. Awesome and so excited for you and your wife. Anyone can do this program if they have the desire and commitment. If you have time, would you mind contributing your success story to my website http://www.home-fitness-workouts.com/p90x-reviews.html I know you are busy but it would be so appreciative! Looking forward to reading more about your success. Do you still use the program now? I have done it twice, now doing a P90X/Insanity hybrid program. Check it out http://www.90daystofitness.blogspot.com

  2. Done, my pleasure Renee – I still use the program – with modifications since I hurt my back playing basketball. But it’s a super program!

  3. Jeremy– thanks to you and Heidi for putting together the grocery list. My wife and I just started P90x yesterday and I’ve found myself headed to the grocery store with a short list for each days meals. This truly has helped me save some time.
    Have you found that the meals are kinda huge? Yesterday morning, I had difficulty eating all of the eggs and snacks for breakfast– it was good but just a lot of food. We just had the shrimp stir fry for lunch and I am beyond stuffed.
    I want to make sure that we are eating enough to keep up with the energy we’re expending with the excercise. Any guidance would be much appreciated.
    Congratulations on the new baby!

    1. I found the same thing too – that the meals seemed a little bit large! So we just cut back on the amount of food we bought and didn’t have any problems. I imagine if you wanted to really bulk up muscle wise you may want to consume more protein, but honestly, we were fine trimming down the amount of food on the lists, no problem at all.

      And if you find yourself not having the energy, you can always go back to increasing the food intake – but I found myself not needing to. It’s probably different for each person. Thanks for stopping by Mark!

  4. I’m about to start P90X. Your grocery list is unbelievable! I’m not a seafood fan at all and I see there are alot of meals that have seafood in them. have you ever not liked the meals they recommend or substitute any meals? Just want to know before I go shopping and waste money on things I don’t think I can eat?

    1. Excellent question Nate – I substituted healthy choice frozen meals for lunch and was just fine. I went light on the seafood and didn’t always eat exactly what the meal plans subscribed – but I had the general idea after doing it for a while and was able to tailor it to what I wanted.

  5. Thanks for the feed back. I don’t really have a set work schedule I work in a hospital so I can work basically all shifts, I’m having a hard time following all these meals to the dot. do you have any advice because I’m not always home to prepare the meals I’m supposed to eat. for example there are times when I’m not home for breakfast/first snack and settle to eat a banana or apple, or I drink a protein shake multiple days in a row for breakfast. do you think this will effect my results? Thanks

    1. No problem Nate – we don’t follow the meal plans to the tee either. But we generally try to have a good share of the fruits, vegetables, protein shakes, etc… We are actually trying ‘Shakeology’ this week – when it ships.

      The times where you are not able to be home – I just try and prepare something the night before, some kind of sack lunch with Tupperware – but I think you are fine with what you are doing – the fruits and protein shakes and snacks. I just try and have something with me at all times – Cliff Bars have been very handy for that too.

  6. Thanks that makes me feel at ease with this now!

    also I’ve been doing the workouts for a week now, and I have a pull-up bar that I put in my door way. I can barely do 2 at a time. do you recommend going with the bands or should just just keep trudging through? I just don’t want to get frustrated. thanks for all your input. It has been a HUGE help.

    1. No problem at all Nate – barely doing 2 after a week is better than I was after a week :) One thing you might try is putting a chair under the pull up bar to put your legs on and then use your legs to lift you up and down – this will help you when you burn out after two – I did this and it helped with my progression.

  7. Fantastic post! At last somebody who knows the achievements information on and will provide exellent articles to us visitors.Definitely looking towards your following physical exercise write-up.Anthon

  8. Fantastic results. Good job sticking with it.. I found the hardest part to be the diet! I saw some of the comments above and agree that it is not necessary to stick with the diet 100%. As long as you eat reasonably healthy you will get awesome results. I like to eat the steamers they have in the frozen section during lunch if i am in a rush, or subway.

    1. Thanks Russ – you are right on about your assessment with the diet.

      Glad to see a fellow Team Beachbody coach around these parts :)

  9. Nice pic Jerm! What about the before pic though? Gotta show that too!

    I can’t work out b/c I don’t enjoy it. I just enjoy playing tennis all day long, biking, and hiking. Oh, and beer on the golf course. :)


  10. Sam, I added the before/after picture to the top with day 1 and day 90. I hear you about working out – it’s tough to make it fun sometimes, but the fun is when the wife likes what she sees ;)

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