Helpful Websites

The following are a list of websites and why they’ve helped me.

James Altucher – Because on August 10th, 2014, at age 36, I faced my own crossroads and turning point. James helped me see a possible way to get through it. As October, 2014 rolled around, I rediscovered myself and strength as a man beyond anything I’ve ever felt and knew that a new beginning was underway.

Future Time Line – Because this speculative timeline about the future gives me hope for humanity and also an understanding of where things are possibly going.

Financial Samurai – Because Sam has shown me that wealth is possible for anyone who is willing to learn and work hard enough at it.

Steve Pavlina – Because Steve has taught me to live with truth, love, and courage – which has stretched me and highly disrupted my life.

2 Create a Website – Because Lisa has shown that with persistence you can build a website and business by following your passion and teaching others.

Malukah, Peter Hollens, and Lindsey Stirling – Because these extremely talented musicians create music that is inspiring and uplifts my soul. I listen to their music and want to do more in my life.

Elliott Hulse and Corey Wayne – Because these two individuals helped me rediscover my masculine core. They helped me see that a true man needs both his masculine and his feminine sides in equal balance in life.

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